Translation of go-between in Spanish:


intermediario, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡəʊbɪtwiːn//ˈɡoʊ bəˌtwin/


  • 1

    (intermediary) intermediario masculine
    (intermediary) intermediaria feminine
    (intermediary) mediador masculine
    (intermediary) mediadora feminine
    (messenger) mensajero masculine
    (messenger) mensajera feminine
    (between lovers) alcahuete masculine
    (between lovers) alcahueta feminine
    • They never act as go-betweens, spies, agents or bearers of false witness and cannot be bought, influenced, or obligated by the rich or powerful.
    • For the common man, it is still the broker who is generally preferred as a go-between for arranging matches.
    • Acting as the go-between, the broker would charge the young man 5,000 yuan to complete the deal.
    • Agents and go-betweens are also marketing testimony from those who have come into contact with the teenagers while in custody.
    • Don't facilitate negotiations or act as a go-between for people who are willing to share power but who won't actually talk to each other.
    • The incident came to light in July after an man who claimed to have brokered the first secret meeting came clean to a local news weekly on his role as a go-between for such contacts.
    • Despite the sombre contents of the tapes, the go-between who helped record the interviews said recently that people would be surprised at what a cheerful lady she ultimately was.
    • This branding of young minds has become its own industry, with companies like the Field Trip Factory operating as go-betweens to link local schools with corporate chains.
    • In one council, for example, bosses have contacted the union through go-betweens and back-door communications.
    • Were there too many go-betweens, emissaries, back channels?
    • For travelers who've been harmed, or just burned, beyond the reach of American courts, suing go-betweens like travel agents and tour operators is often the only remedy.
    • These two traders are wearing red badges, which means they are go-betweens who only take orders from the luxury-box people, communicating by means of hand signals.
    • For all his managerial responsibilities, however, the go-between was only an intermediary.
    • She's acted as a go-between, in a very literal sense, between me in London and him in Toronto.
    • Those key players include representatives of peak industry and business groups, diplomats and influential negotiators and go-betweens on the trade talk circuit.
    • A parent who decides that a child is ready to marry may contact agencies, go-betweens, relatives, and friends to find an appropriate mate.
    • Mr Laird became the go-between in the negotiations that led to Ms deVere's redundancy package.
    • That they used go-betweens, rather than resolve the dispute between themselves, is a telling commentary about the intensity of the wariness and abrasion that has become knitted into that tortuous relationship.
    • Fees worth a further £13.5 million were paid to agents and go-betweens during the period.
    • Essentially they act as a go-between and a meeting place for all sorts of people interested in where their city is going.