Translation of go around in Spanish:

go around

andar, v.

(British go round)

phrasal verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(move, travel, be outdoors)

      we were advised to go around in twos or threes nos aconsejaron que anduviéramos en grupos de a dos o tres
      • he went around to different publishers fue a ver a varios editores
      • she goes around in a Cadillac anda por ahí en un Cadillac
      • to go around with sb andar con algn
      • he goes around with some funny characters anda con gente muy rara
      • to go around -ing ir por ahí + ger
      • you can't go around saying things like that! ¡no puedes ir por ahí diciendo esas cosas!

    • 1.2(circulate)

      (joke/rumor) correr
      (joke/rumor) circular
      it's a bug that's going around es un virus que anda (por ahí)

    • 1.3(be sufficient for everybody)

      there are enough forks to go around hay tenedores (suficientes) para todos
      • there aren't enough to go round no alcanzan
      • she added some water to it to make it go around le agregó agua para que diera / alcanzara para todos

    • 1.4(revolve)

      (wheel/world) dar vueltas
      I have this idea going around in my head le estoy dando vueltas a esta idea

    • 1.5(visit)

      I'll go around and see him iré a verlo
      • we went around to Arthur's last night anoche fuimos a casa de Arthur

  • 2

    • 2.1(turn)

      (corner) doblar
      (corner) dar la vuelta a
      (corner) dar vuelta Southern Cone
      (bend) tomar

    • 2.2(avoid, make detour)

      (obstacle) rodear
      (obstacle) sortear

    • 2.3(visit, move through)

      (country/city) recorrer
      in the afternoon we went around the castle por la tarde visitamos el castillo
      • to go around the world dar la vuelta al mundo
      • he went around the house looking for defects recorrió la casa buscando defectos
      • he went around several companies trying to sell his idea fue a / recorrió varias compañías tratando de vender su idea