Translation of go up in Spanish:

go up

subir, v.

phrasal verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(ascend)

      (person) subir
      (plane/balloon) subir
      (balloon/plane) ascender formal
      Theatre (curtain) levantarse
      we went up onto the roof subimos al tejado
      • (in elevator) going up! ¡sube!
      • a cloud of dust went up se levantó una nube de polvo

    • 1.2(approach)

      to go up to sb/sth acercarse a algn/algo

    • 1.3(toward the north)


    • 1.4British (to another place)

      I'm going up to London/town voy a Londres/a la ciudad

    • 1.5British (to university)

      (at beginning of term) ir a la universidad
      (en Oxford o Cambridge) (to begin studying) empezar la carrera

  • 2

    • 2.1(increase)

      (price/temperature/cost) subir
      (price/temperature/cost) aumentar
      (unemployment/population) aumentar
      eggs are going up again vuelven a subir los huevos
      • to go up in price subir / aumentar de precio
      • to go up in value revalorizarse
      • to go up to sth subir a algo
      • I went up to 140 lbs engordé hasta llegar a pesar 140 libras

    • 2.2(improve)

      (standard) mejorar
      she's gone up in my estimation ha ganado en mi estima

  • 3

    to go up to sth
    • the socks go up to my knees los calcetines me llegan a las rodillas
    • the road only goes up as far as Brigville la carretera va / llega solo hasta Brigville
  • 4

    • 4.1(be built, erected)

      a church has gone up on that site se ha levantado una iglesia en aquel terreno

    • 4.2(be put up)

      a notice has gone up in the hall han puesto un anuncio en el hall

  • 5

    (burst into flames) prenderse fuego
    (explode) estallar
  • 6

    • 6.1(be switched on)

      (lights) encenderse
      (lights) prenderse Latin America

    • 6.2(be uttered)

      (chant/shout) alzarse formal