Translation of goad in Spanish:


acosar, v.

Pronunciation: /ɡəʊd//ɡoʊd/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (person) acosar
    (animal) aguijonear
    to goad sb into sth/ -ing
    • they tried to goad her into an argument la provocaron para que empezara a discutir
    • she was goaded into doing it tanto la acosaron, que lo hizo
    • Of course, she probably only called me to try and goad me into reading her comment and replying (thus completing the cycle and fulfilling the prophecy).
    • In his range of interests and enjoyments, he keeps goading me (in a good-natured way) to broaden my own horizons.
    • In today's fast-paced world, children are goaded to study more and more.
    • In between all this, he was busy goading the children to ask questions.
    • In the new millennium you won't need to fight about spotted owls or old growth or any other flavor-of-the-moment crisis cooked up by environmentalists who are trying to goad you into a fight for the purpose of enriching their coffers.
    • But if the writer is attempting to goad me into an abusive response, again, why?
    • Still, I haven't found a mobile phone tiny enough to goad me into switching.
    • At one stage I thought she was deliberately trying to goad him into walking out - but somehow it didn't seem like it was enough.
    • He insulted me and repeatedly pushed my shoulder, hoping to goad me into hitting him.
    • After a certain point, I'd give up, at which point Ed would goad me into another confrontation where he would do the same thing.
    • I swear that the Land Transport Safety Authority is goading us.
    • I didn't realise that people would attempt to goad us into aggression at regular intervals.
    • Of course in too many cases, if the insurgents bait us and goad us into leveling buildings and homes, the people inside will then hate us (even if they did not before) and we have created more recruits for the guerillas.
    • From time to time, their suffering goads working people to revolt.
    • Two of the group then approached him, trying to goad him into a fight, then demanded he hand over his Nike sports bag.
    • Someone who rubs you the wrong way, who gets on your every nerve, who always seems to be trying to goad you into acts of violence and mayhem?
    • Jones was ecstatic, and started gesturing to a section of Australian spectators who had been goading him, while the rest of the team ran around like headless chickens.
    • When I used to meet him regularly outside the Brompton Oratory after his Sunday devotions, it took little prompting to goad him into a diatribe against his latest enemy.
    • He's the nasty who goads opponents with vocal insults, and more noticeably, a series of physical kicks and digs when the ball is miles distant.
    • But in any issue, we should be prepared to think carefully, and not let our reaction to extremists goad us into overlooking any Biblical principles that apply.


  • 1

    Farming aguijada feminine
    Farming picana feminine Latin America
    (for elephants) focino masculine