Translation of God-fearing in Spanish:


temeroso de Dios, adj.

Pronunciation ///ɡɑd ˈfɪ(ə)rɪŋ/


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    temeroso de Dios
    • At the spiritual level, too, there is a stepped-up activity with everyone turning a little more pious and God-fearing.
    • His right foot was immediately dubbed ‘the boot of God’ after the God-fearing fly-half had given all credit for his five drop-goals to the Almighty.
    • Joh was a man schooled in ultra-practical familial and political worlds, milieux in which he quite rightly believed himself to be a God-fearing instrument.
    • The two incidents are shocking and awful to all God-fearing people, especially women who understand and are present when life enters or departs this world.
    • A God-fearing bunch, their devotion to the religion they brought from Ireland was matched only by their belief in the value of hard work and education.
    • The article continues the right-to-life mantra that only the God-fearing religious have rights.
    • So my bare belly is, for all intents and purposes, a righteous, God-fearing belly with a place reserved in heaven for itself and all its polygamist wives.
    • Her youngest child is a wayward Democrat, whereas the other two are God-fearing, law-abiding Republicans.
    • Being a God-fearing Christian, it's the least that I can do.
    • These people should be put behind bars so that innocent, God-fearing people can safely walk the streets.
    • He knew that the Temple area was meant to be a place of prayer where God-fearing people could gather to offer worship to Yahweh and seek his intervention in their lives.
    • This time around, the bad guys are ultra God-fearing, albeit from another religious faith.
    • The Americans are an amazingly religious, God-fearing people.
    • This man has poisoned righteous, God-fearing citizens with his Papist whisperings!
    • Being a good religious God-fearing, God-loving human requires deep thoughts and knowledge.
    • The home is supported by well-wishers and volunteers and blessed with God-fearing personnel who work as volunteers.
    • As a result, the already God-fearing country became even keener to see religious ideas within the political arena.
    • It is strange that brothel-scenes (a distinct genre called boordeeltjes) were so popular among the God-fearing Dutch burghers.
    • For these God-fearing yet life-loving Catholics - including the king - the pull of boudoir and confessional was pretty evenly balanced.
    • Minimal police presence and God-fearing ladies offer reassurance that order has been restored even though the ghetto is now in ruins.