Translation of God-given in Spanish:


divino, adj.

Pronunciation ///ɡɑd ˈɡɪvən/


  • 1

    (right) divino
    • But for the good of all of mankind, the arrogance that God is partial to one particular grouping and hence they have a God-given right to be right is not right.
    • P.S. In unrelated Scandinavian news, Swedish prisoners are on strike after having been denied their God-given right to weightlift in jail.
    • Or will the God-given right to rampant misogyny be defended to the last G&T, the last drooping acrylic cardigan, the last frightened, sexist pipsqueak?
    • That's why I feel that it's my God-given right - and indeed, my duty - to rail against the stupidity of others.
    • Vincent is blessed with unshakeable self-belief and a God-given mission to get through as many women as possible.
    • Deep in our soul, Americans believe that it is our God-given right to consume as much gas as we want at far lower costs than prevail anywhere else on the planet.
    • The Israeli government feels that they have a God-given right to possess the territory now know as Israel.
    • But somehow, preventative medicine gets spun into an infringement on our God-given right to get blotto wherever and whenever we like.
    • Sure, no club has any God-given right to any status, but every club in a league should expect a sporting chance to progress, and those who cannot stand the heat demotion.
    • But the daughter now lectures the Mayo voters as if she had a God-given right to their support within the sacred scriptures of Fianna Fail opportunism.
    • He is one of those people who thinks he has the God-given right to drive where he likes, when he likes and at whatever speed he chooses to, mowing down anything that gets in his path - road humps are one of his pet hates.
    • No one knows how much water the leisure industry should rightfully demand and irrigators simply do not accept that the environment has some God-given right to be vague.
    • One of the greatest problems for all of us outside the US is the total failure within the US itself to see this as anything other than America's God-given right.
    • Many Americans believe they have a God-given right to possess arms as a last resort against tyranny.
    • And, unlike the denizens of Cape May, we strongly resist efforts to interfere with our God-given sexual liberties, like groping women on buses.
    • If the people have not suffered enough, it is their God-given right to suffer some more.
    • ‘Those people who think they have a God-given right are ignoring the need to argue their case and campaign and change minds,’ Allen said.
    • They think they have a God-given right to success on the hurling fields, especially against non-traditional hurling counties.
    • Feminism, on the other hand, was interpreted as a rejection of God-given hierarchy and authority on the same scale as Eve's eating the forbidden fruit.
    • Some supporters, most supporters respect you and what you do, but some think they have a God-given right to come up to you when they feel like it and tell you what you're doing wrong.