Translation of godfather in Spanish:


padrino, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡɑdˌfɑðər//ˈɡɒdfɑːθə/


  • 1

    padrino masculine
  • 2

    (in Mafia)
    padrino masculine
    • The export of mafia capital on this scale produces far more difficulties for the Russian economy than the activities of the Colombian drugs barons or the Italian Mafia godfathers, who at least invest some of their ill-gotten gains at home.
    • If there was a mafia at Clear Ridge High, Shelley was the godfather, the Marlon Brando of mobsters.
    • When he went to prison, he was running a crime family business as the godfather.
    • That's why mafia godfathers and titans of business don't mind eating with their most trusted lieutenants in otherwise empty restaurants.
    • The provos have been touting for support and jumping into bed with madmen, gunmen and godfathers for as long as they have been in existence.
    • The scene was reminiscent of the Mafia godfather who goes to confession on Sunday before returning to his normal criminal activities on Monday.
    • A mandatory inclusive executive, however formed, involving those who are criminal godfathers will never gain our support.
    • He knows the exercise of arbitrary power by studio heads, easily comparable to Mafia godfathers.
    • Gotti joined the powerful Gambino crime family in 1966 when it was headed by Mafia godfather Carlo Gambino.
    • ‘Eh, you Americans know nothing,’ Viktor said with a Russian accent, which vaguely reminded me of an Italian mafia godfather.
    • Thieves returned a stolen car with a note saying sorry and eight bottles of champagne after discovering it belonged to the son of a Mafia godfather in Castellammare, Sicily.
    • Mafia bloodletting is rare, generally confined to squabbling godfathers in the provinces.
    • In Glasgow, gang territories are in a state of transition as the alleged criminal godfathers who ran them have been scattered by circumstance.
    • Getting rid of the guns, goons and godfathers will not happen overnight.
    • A malign version of myself, more outrageous and more cunning, he became the godfather and I the consiglieri of our two-man ‘mob’.
    • Ming, a gangster, has worked his way up the police force ranks and Yan, a cop, has been undercover as top hitman for Sam, the pudgy-faced godfather, for nearly a decade.