Translation of godless in Spanish:


impío, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɡɑdləs//ˈɡɒdləs/


  • 1

    impío formal
    • If they find out that he is related to such a non-church attending godless infidel who is public about her godless infidelity, they might sacrifice his body on an altar in the quad between the English building and the cafeteria.
    • They'd have nothing left on which to point the finger at those godless evil pagan usurpers, no way to exploit the issue and make people afraid.
    • For we see divine retribution revealed from heaven and falling upon all the godless wickedness of men.
    • Only one source, Gildas, was writing within a hundred years of the events described, and even he was trying to prove his own agenda, that the kings of Briton had lost their land to the Saxons through debauchery and godless living.
    • There is a style of music which has been invading the Church of Jesus Christ which is godless, immoral, and which leads Christians into rebellion and compromise with the world.
    • Does she feel it is possible to rescue homosexuals from the godless immorality of their perverted disgusting sexual orientation?
    • Why are all these immoral, indecent, godless heathens apparently committing no crimes when decent, god-fearing folk are being arrested and institutionalized in droves?
    • Large icky evil things roam this godless barren waste after the moon rises.
    • It has become a day of godless pleasure-seeking.
    • Second, in the Middle East the Islamists view the acceptance of a corrupt, godless, immoral system by the civilian populace as being responsible for the Western system's spread.
    • In the case of 18 years of Tory rule, I think they so totally expressed and formed the crass godless materialism of 80s and 90s Britain, that we have been under judgement for it, as a result of their policies, ever since.
    • In the Hebrew language a hypocrite means - hypocritical, godless, profane, hypocrite, irreligious.
    • How a centre-right Christian party can support a godless and unprincipled Government beggars belief.
    • Their sinful and godless ways need to be checked with the might of the US military.
    • It may be a facetious thing to have to argue, but a lot of people around the world still believe that homosexuality is an unnatural practice perpetrated by the godless and the evil.