Translation of godparent in Spanish:


padrino, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡɑdˌpɛrənt//ˈɡɒdpɛːr(ə)nt/


  • 1

    (man) padrino masculine
    (woman) madrina feminine
    my godparents mis padrinos
    • The godparents promise to lead the child in the way of the Lord.
    • Karen becomes responsible for Jacob's upbringing and becomes his godparent.
    • Parents select godparents for their children's baptism, confirmation, and marriage.
    • In fact they are the godparents of my son, born in Santa Cruz some twenty years ago.
    • This is a lifelong relationship, and many godparents have managed to reconnect with their godson or goddaughter.
    • As a godparent, I now have responsibilities towards him and will take a special interest in his development and life.
    • Among other responsibilities, they are expected to be godparents to the couple's children.
    • We're not Christians, so she doesn't have godparents, but having a ‘spiritual family’ comes pretty close.
    • The parents and godparents renounce Satan and profess their faith.
    • When a child is ready for baptism, the parents first select the godparents.
    • Even in a ‘private’ baptism, the godparents represent the community of faith.
    • At the baptism, the Christian godparent would answer the questions that imply Christian belief.
    • We invite family, godparents and mentors to join in the laying on of hands on confirmation Sunday.
    • Close family friends or relatives are chosen as godparents and participate in the religious ceremony.
    • Technically, some churches still insist godparents make a commitment towards the child's religious adherence.
    • The commitment that the godparents make includes providing advice and spiritual guidance to the godchild.
    • This sponsorship creates a relationship not only between the child and the godparents but also between the child's parents and the godparents.
    • After the baptismal ceremony, the parents, godparents, child, and guests returned to a family home for a celebratory meal.
    • The godparents were Nicola Coomey and Keith Kelly.
    • The family unit includes godchildren, godparents, and many other members of the extended family.