Translation of goldfish bowl in Spanish:

goldfish bowl

pecera, n.


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    (redonda) pecera feminine
    it's like living in a goldfish bowl es como vivir en una vitrina
    • It's really hard getting through your 20s when you're living in a goldfish bowl.
    • If you don't have a suitable bowl and cannot beg, borrow or steal one, you can use a well-scrubbed goldfish bowl (just make sure you rehouse the fish first) or wide-necked flower vase.
    • She had run fresh water into a goldfish bowl, the bowl itself in the form of a large fish.
    • Tiring of this game eventually, the Spaniard heads off to the kitchen, and returns with steaming mugs of coffee to find his chum sitting on the very same spot he recently vacated, staring into the goldfish bowl.
    • On each table was a goldfish bowl, as tradition has dictated since the club's inaugural dinner in 1951.
    • You have to save them and drop them back into the goldfish bowl as quickly as you can.
    • Well it appears we may have underestimated the intelligence of Goldie as he circles around the goldfish bowl.
    • A cartoonist from the first half of the 20th century, asked to draw a wedding in the year 2000, might have pictured the bride with a goldfish bowl over her head, wearing big silver space boots.
    • Alan is currently bent over a goldfish bowl, which is full of water and ornaments, but is missing its occupant.
    • Scotland is really a big goldfish bowl and eventually you deal with someone who knows another client.
    • Billy opens the cupboard and brings out a goldfish bowl, with one fish in it.
    • Students were provided with a template to trace the shape of a goldfish bowl on white construction paper.
    • It was a rather meek cat which did not go anywhere near the goldfish bowl and used the litterbox with admirable regularity.