There are 2 main translations of gone in Spanish

: gone1gone2


Pronunciation /ɡɔn//ɡɒn/


There are 2 main translations of gone in Spanish

: gone1gone2



  • 1

    • 1.1(not here)

      my briefcase is gone! ¡me ha desaparecido la cartera!
      • how long has she been gone? ¿cuánto hace que se fue?
      • by the time we get there, they'll be gone para cuando nosotros lleguemos, ya se habrán ido
      • She's probably long gone, too afraid to come back to the Republic to save us.
      • It was the rudiment of a possible discussion but she was already gone, leaving him alone in the aisle.
      • Craig Pollock and Jacques Villeneuve were central to the new team, but both have now gone.
      • Her parents were gone again for the weekend, so she had the house to herself.
      • She didn't want to go outside and look for him because she was afraid he would return while she was gone.
      • The sun was almost gone, and Rowena shared the garden only with one old man in a wheelchair.
      • Also gone will be the familiar red colour scheme, as the Grobs are unable to be painted any other colour than white.
      • Her parents were gone that weekend, so she was home alone as usual with her siblings away at boarding school.
      • Sensing that they were gone, I was more afraid to look at Michael than anything else.
      • When she returned with her children at the weekend, the floral tribute was gone.
      • But the days when theatrical lenses were available only to movie stars are long gone.
      • His usually wild curls were flattened in place and the stubble that was normally present was gone.
      • With any luck we can catch the last of the snow riding this weekend before it's all gone.
      • I was gone that weekend, but by Monday the whole school knew that I was going out with Brent.
      • You are afraid to put trust in someone because they might be gone tomorrow.
      • One of the differences is when you wrestle in the States, you're gone every weekend.
      • Those moments I remember from the Ireland squad when Duff's shyness got the better of him are virtually gone.
      • It was a wonderful weekend and the hangover is now almost gone.
      • Also gone is the spare wheel, replaced by a squirt-in-tyre sealant and a plug-in electric pump.
      • Once he is gone, I will present the group with an opportunity for a new beginning.

    • 1.2(past)

      those days are (long) gone de eso hace ya mucho
      • gone are the days when one could … ya no se puede …
      • If she was gone, dead and buried, he could move on with his life.
      • Just the thought of him being dead, being gone, being cold, was enough to make me scream.
      • When we talked about Mom being dead, he wished us to say not dead but gone.
      • The petroleum industry barely existed 100 years ago and will probably be largely gone 100 years from now.
      • A million manufacturing jobs have gone in the past year alone.
      • She woke feelings within him, after he thought all feeling was gone, dead with his people.
      • When the fields of dead grass are gone, and these miracle crops die off too, what will there be for food?
      • With the internet the prime reason for the existence of cities is gone.

    • 1.3(used up)

      the money is all gone no queda nada de dinero
      • Having been consumed, they are gone and are not available to others.
      • Even though she knew as she walked into her interview the job was still available, she was told it had gone.
      • Much of the available money was gone before the traditional marketing season for lambs even began.
      • Tickets for the last two days have already gone, leaving just February 29 available.
      • Some fear it will be gone in another 60 years unless we cut consumption drastically.
      • Obviously everyone else has had the same idea and the weekend flights have gone already.
      • Goods that are consumed are gone and thus not available for use in production.
      • All the numbers under twenty have gone, but there are various numbers available above that.

    • 1.4far gone

      he was too far gone for us to be able to revive him era ya demasiado tarde para poder salvarlo
      • the bearings are pretty far gone los cojinetes están muy gastados / en muy mal estado
      • things are too far gone to avoid a strike las cosas han llegado demasiado lejos, no se puede evitar la huelga
      • (drunk) he was pretty far gone había bebido bastante más de la cuenta

  • 2

    • 2.1informal (pregnant)

      she's six months gone está de seis meses informal
      • Most teenage mums won't even go to their doctor until they are six or seven months gone because they are so afraid.
      • The first time, I didn't even realise I was pregnant until I was four months gone.

    • 2.2euphemistic (dead)

      I think he's gone me parece que está muerto / que se ha muerto

  • 3British informal

    (fond of)
    to be gone on sth/sb
    • I'm not particularly gone on golf a mí no me enloquece el golf
    • she's completely gone on him está loca / chiflada por él



  • 1

    they didn't arrive till gone five o'clock no llegaron hasta después de las cinco / hasta pasadas las cinco
    • it's just gone five acaban de dar las cinco