Translation of good in Spanish:


bueno, adj.

Pronunciation: /ɡʊd//ɡʊd/


  • 1

    (school/food/quality/book) bueno
    a good wine un vino bueno
    • a good year for Beaujolais/films un buen año para el Beaujolais/el cine
    • the soup was really good la sopa estaba buenísima / riquísima
    • it smells good tiene rico / buen olor
    • it looks good tiene buen aspecto
    • her French is very good habla muy bien (el) francés
    • my one good tablecloth el único mantel bueno que tengo
    • in good condition en buen estado
    • this hotel is as good as any you'll find here este hotel es de los mejores que hay por aquí
    • nothing's too good for his little girl todo es poco para su hijita
    • to come good
    • our team came good in the end al final nuestro equipo salió adelante
    • when will that boy come good? ¿cuándo sentará cabeza ese chico?
    • to make good tener éxito
    • he's bound to make good with his experience con la experiencia que tiene, seguro que tendrá éxito
    • to make good sth
    • I made good the mistakes corregí los errores
    • he undertook to make good the damage to the car se comprometió a hacerse cargo de la reparación del coche
    • our losses were made good by the company la compañía nos compensó las pérdidas
    • the plasterwork will all be made good el revoque se dejará en condiciones
    • they made good their threat/promise cumplieron (con) su amenaza/promesa
    • she can be trusted to make good (on) her offer podemos confiar en que haga efectiva su oferta
    • to make good one's escape lograr huir
  • 2

    (work/progress/results) bueno
    she consistently gets good marks in history siempre saca buenas notas en historia
    • they've made a very good start in the race han empezado muy bien la carrera
    • he got a very good degree se recibió con muy buena nota
    • he came a good second llegó en un muy respetable segundo puesto
    • at least he had a good try por lo menos lo intentó
  • 3

    (opportune, favorable)
    (day/opportunity/moment) bueno
    is this a good time to phone? ¿es buena hora para llamar?
    • this is as good a time as any es un momento tan bueno como cualquier otro
    • it's a good chance for you to meet them es una buena ocasión para que los conozcas
    • it's a good thing you remembered it menos mal que te acordaste
    • it's a good job nobody was listening menos mal que nadie estaba escuchando
    • it would be a good thing to consult her/if she were consulted sería bueno / no estaría mal consultárselo/que la consultáramos
    • things are looking pretty good right now (en este momento) las cosas van muy bien
    • you're looking good todo va bien
  • 4

    (deal/terms/investment/position) bueno
    I've had a very good offer me han hecho una oferta muy buena
    • at a very good price a muy buen precio
    • she's a good person to have around es una persona que conviene tener cerca
    • a good person to avoid una persona a la que hay que evitar
  • 5

    (useful, suitable)
    (plan/advice/suggestion) bueno
    it's a good book for reference es una buena obra de consulta
    • burn it; that's all it's good for quémalo, no sirve para otra cosa
    • it's a good idea to let them know in advance convendría / no sería mala idea avisarles de antemano
    • good idea!, good thinking! (suggestion) ¡buena idea!
    • it seemed like a good idea at the time en aquel momento pareció una buena idea
  • 6

    (healthy, wholesome)
    (diet/habit/exercise) bueno
    he is in good health está bien de salud
    • I'm not feeling too good no me siento / no me encuentro muy bien
    • spinach is good for you las espinacas son buenas para la salud / son muy sanas
    • all this sun can't be good for your health tanto sol no puede ser bueno para la salud
    • he drinks more than is good for him bebe demasiado / más de la cuenta
    • she has been good for him ella le ha hecho mucho bien
    • marriage seems to be good for her parece que el matrimonio le sienta bien
  • 7

    she's got good looks es muy bonita / guapa
    • she's got a good figure tiene buena figura / buen tipo
    • she's got good legs tiene buenas piernas
    • that dress looks so good on her ese vestido le queda / le sienta muy bien
    • the picture looks good on that wall el cuadro queda bien en esa pared
  • 8

    • 8.1(virtuous, upright)

      (man/woman) bueno
      twelve good men and true doce hombres justos
      • the Good Book la Santa Biblia
      • We would like to keep up the good work so please support the collections next weekend.
      • Most refer to her good work and tireless energy but do not even touch on the range or depth of her activities.
      • Shares of the proceeds of next year's Marriott Charity Ball await local good causes.
      • Finally, everybody thinks that you are a good person by virtue of your job.
      • As well as helping a good cause buying this CD will give you hours of pleasure.
      • Please continue to keep up the good work at the Wiltshire Times to highlight road safety issues.
      • In the case of the conjoined twins we saw two good moral traditions at work.
      • All the money raised from the show goes to charities and good causes - mostly in Orkney.
      • It is in the cupboard, and likely to stay there until the next good cause that requires a raffle prize donation.
      • This area is full of mostly good, decent people, but people are scared about these shootings.
      • Was this wild display of conspicuous donation prompted by the desire to help the good causes involved?
      • Sadly, in a lot of cases, parents are failing to bring up their children with good family and moral values.
      • The shops have now become a constant source of income, vital to the charity's continued good work.
      • He had, we must suppose, good moral reasons for seeking to pursue that course of action.
      • It would be great if it were used for a good purpose, like helping people with heart disease and the like.
      • It will be shared out among local good causes at the group's presentation day later this year.
      • Initially the Bulls had attached themselves to every single good cause in the city.
      • This tells all young and old that a bad deed done in the name of a good cause is acceptable.
      • You know, the good guy has to wear a white hat and the bad guy has to twist his moustache.
      • He has lost his business, his reputation, his good character, his savings and his career.

    • 8.2(kind)

      to be good to sb
      • she was very good to me fue muy amable conmigo
      • the firm has been very good to me la empresa se ha portado muy bien conmigo
      • it was very good of you to come muchas gracias por venir
      • how good of them to take so much trouble! ¡qué amabilidad de su parte, tomarse tantas molestias!
      • would you be so good as to help me? ¿me haría el favor de ayudarme?
      • your good lady su señora esposa
      • including your good self incluyéndolo a usted
      • my good man/woman mi buen amigo/buena amiga
      • good old Pete el bueno de Pete

    • 8.3(well-behaved)

      (dog/child) bueno
      be good pórtate bien
      • be a good boy and fetch me my pipe sé bueno y tráeme la pipa
      • don't do it again, that's / there's a good boy! y no lo vuelvas a hacer ¿eh?
      • good boy! ¡muy bien!
      • Every morning it gets harder and harder for me to wake up and go to class like a good little girl.
      • It is very important to make sure that good students are welcomed and well regarded.
      • We are trying to have a code in school where we maintain good order and discipline.
      • A Swindon school has found a new way to beat the truants and encourage good behaviour.
      • They want to say my friend is a good mother and that her son has the rights most children don't have.
      • The programme will be designed to teach them about good behaviour and neighbourliness.
      • A Swindon primary school is needed to help research links between good behaviour and fish oils.
      • There is no charge and all the good boys and girls get a treat after the stories are read.
      • Perhaps if we could charge or reward for poor or good behaviour things would be easier.
      • Again the converse is true: if good behaviour is ignored or criticised it will not continue.
      • This section of the Code sets out basic rules of good practice that all clubs and individuals must observe.
      • The school will work with others to share expertise and develop good practice.
      • I don't think it is wrong, or a waste of time, to point out the virtue of manners and good behaviour.
      • This sanction worked better in securing good behaviour than the threat of flogging.
      • In return, she resolved that she would do her best to be a good, obedient wife.
      • The year five and six pupils were chosen on their good behaviour merits by teachers at the school.
      • Council solicitor John Emms has had to remind councillors of the importance of good behaviour.
      • For its part, the tourist board shares examples of good practice with its commercial members.
      • She's a good girl, but a little slow at times, and sometimes needs a guiding hand.
      • Inspectors also praised the good behaviour of the pupils and their enthusiasm for learning.

  • 9

    • 9.1(in greetings)

      say good night to daddy dale las buenas noches a papá
      • she kissed me good night me dio un beso de buenas noches
      • how are you? — I'm good ¿cómo estás? — estoy bien

    • 9.2(in interj phrases)

      good! now to the next question bien, pasemos ahora a la siguiente pregunta
      • good for you! bien hecho
      • good God! ¡Dios mío!
      • good heavens! ¡Santo Cielo!
      • good grief/gracious! ¡por favor!
      • very good sir/madam lo que mande el señor/la señora
      • very good, ma'am, I'll have that report for you right away muy bien señora, ahora mismo le traigo el informe
      • that's all, sergeant — very good, sir! eso es todo sargento— ¡a sus órdenes mi teniente (/ capitán etc. )!

  • 10

    to be in a good mood estar de buen humor
    • the good things in life las cosas buenas de la vida
    • he loves the good life le gusta la buena vida
    • we had good weather nos hizo buen tiempo
    • I hope you have a good time in London espero que te diviertas / que lo pases bien en Londres
    • did you have a good flight? ¿qué tal el vuelo?
    • a good time was had by all todos disfrutaron muchísimo
    • it's good to be back home/to see you again ¡qué alegría estar otra vez en casa/volverte a ver!
    • it's good to feel the sand between your toes es un gustazo sentir la arena entre los dedos
    • it's too good to be true es demasiado bueno para ser cierto
    • I thought it was too good to be true ya decía yo que no podía ser verdad
  • 11

    (decent, acceptable)
    children from good homes don't do such things los niños de buena familia no hacen esas cosas
    • to have a good name/reputation tener buen nombre/buena reputación
    • to make a good marriage hacer una buena boda
    • they have a good marriage son un matrimonio feliz
    • he simply isn't good enough for her (ella) se merece algo mejor
  • 12

    (payer/customer) bueno
    my credit's still good todavía tengo crédito
    • he should be good for $50,000 debe poder llegar hasta 50.000 dólares
    • she's good for twenty pounds seguro que te presta unas veinte libras
    • this ticket is good for another week este billete vale para una semana más
    • this car's good for a few years yet a este coche todavía le quedan unos cuantos años por delante
    • the ball is good la pelota es buena
  • 13

    • 13.1(skilled, competent)

      (doctor/singer/sportsman) bueno
      I've finished — good boy/girl! ya he terminado — ¡así me gusta! / ¡muy bien!
      • he's not a good liar no sabe mentir
      • he's no good in emergencies en situaciones de emergencia no sabe qué hacer
      • she's/he's good in bed es muy buena/bueno en la cama
      • she's very good in the kitchen cocina muy bien
      • they're better in defense than in attack son mejores en la defensa que en el ataque
      • she has a very good ear/eye tiene muy buen oído/buena vista
      • to be good at sth/ -ing
      • to be good at languages tener facilidad para los idiomas
      • he is very good at sewing cose muy bien
      • I'm good at crosswords soy bueno para los crucigramas
      • he's good at putting his foot in it es un experto en meter la pata
      • he is good on old coins sabe mucho sobre monedas antiguas
      • he is good with dogs/children tiene buena mano con / sabe cómo tratar a los perros/los niños
      • she is good with her hands es muy habilidosa / mañosa
      • he's very good around the house se da mucha maña para los arreglos de la casa
      • The best thing about my quiz is that it genuinely measures how good at magic you are.
      • She wasn't so good at concentrating, a situation largely attributable to her dyslexia.
      • I was never particularly good at anything but I had a lot of drive and ambition.
      • Rev Palmer said she was extremely good at her job as a beauty therapist and was skilled as a masseur and in skin care.
      • As people are spending more time at work he added that it is important we enjoy the work we do and build on the skills that we are good at.
      • I have made the elementary mistake of being demonstrably rather good at my job.
      • He's been good at everything he's turned his hand to because of his determination and ambition.
      • I also had to keep in mind the possibility that I would be incredibly good at it.
      • It is good at matching people, by expertise but also by philosophy and personality.
      • Teachers are usually quite good at spotting this kind of thing, as they spend every day with their class.
      • Donald was also extraordinarily good with children and enjoyed their company.
      • In my experience most kids are incredibly good at selecting what kind of books they're ready for.
      • The lads were really good with the children and the kids really loved it.
      • He said it was possible these children would never be good at calculation.
      • For a guy who has achieved so much at 26, he is incredibly good at dealing with the media and fans.
      • You have to be good at talking to the public and even better at listening.
      • I've gotten quite good at screaming abuse at the TV screen on the rare occasions he pops up.
      • But like a pair of trusty brown brogues, it served its master well and was good at what it did.
      • But according to their coach, they are so good at sports that they do not need to train!
      • It's always great to get a bargain, but I'm really not good at fighting for things in the sales.

    • 13.2(devoted, committed)

      (parent/friend/husband/wife) bueno
      a good Catholic/socialist un buen católico/socialista

  • 14

    (argument/excuse) bueno
    it's not good enough to say you can't do it no alcanza / no basta con decir que no puedes hacerlo
    • it's simply not good enough! ¡esto no puede ser!
    • without good reason sin dar una buena razón / una razón de peso
    • that's a good question! ¡buena pregunta!
    • that's a good one! ¡ésa sí que es buena!
  • 15

    • 15.1(substantial, considerable)

      (distance/meal/salary) bueno
      it's a good way hay un buen trecho
      • it's a good four kilometers está a unos buenos cuatro kilómetros
      • she's making good money está haciendo mucho dinero
      • there's a good chance of rain tomorrow hay bastantes posibilidades de que llueva mañana
      • there were a good many / a good few people there había bastante gente / un buen número de personas allí
      • I joined the queue about 15 cars behind him, so it took a good twenty minutes to get past.
      • The tide was in, and the breakers were a good twenty to thirty feet high when they hit the harbour wall.
      • So, this scientist then spent a good few months examining the genetics of these lambs.
      • Most jobs that will earn you a good amount of money involve a fair bit of training.
      • The owners had put an extension on the back, so the dining room and kitchen were good sizes.
      • Quarry, meanwhile, has had a good few months to ponder his decision to make this his final season.
      • A club can get a fairly good audience even if it's featuring music in a very limited genre range.
      • Make sure it is pressed well into the sides and leave a good amount hanging over the top edge.
      • There were four of them, all a good size, and you could see how they would easily suffice two people sharing.
      • The irony is that I am willing to stand up and say that and take a good amount of criticism for it.
      • Enough for at least two people, all the chips were of a good size, without being wedge-like.
      • James Goodwin was at least a good three inches shorter AND was half his size when it came to body weight.
      • Plus they have plenty of time to revolt as the plans are a good 18 months off being implemented.
      • This weekend is shaping as a very good game and it should be played in front of a good size crowd.
      • The curried prawns were of a good size, but were done in Thai style with the shells left on.
      • I think the accusations against him on this kind of thing go back a good ten years at least.
      • I spent a good hour doing a thorough search of my flat, but there was no sign of the damn thing.
      • However, used-car buyers should rejoice in the fact that they at least tried for a good few years.
      • I do pay the authority a good amount per year in services and other charges.
      • The Beast had been busy arguing that it needed a good six months more to mount a proper, lingering defence.
      • A good twenty or so Patriots remained standing and, for the most part, uninjured.
      • I listened, and could hear him walk a good twenty paces down a concrete corridor.
      • God, that boy owes me big time, since I probably had a good amount of homework to do in other subjects.
      • This is a very rewarding job but one that does demand a good amount of your free time.
      • He let me move in with him and his wife, and he and I spent a good eight months working on my demo.
      • I had to spend a good hour or so cleaning out the new contacts, but it was a start.
      • This apparently simple problem has taken me a good four months to resolve since you first contacted me in May.
      • The confit keeps for a good two months in the fridge, and the syrup can then be used in fruit salads.
      • It was a good size with a thin crust and was, as you would expect from an Italian restaurant, freshly baked.
      • The rooms are all of a good size, sensibly laid out and have first class furniture.
      • As he had a good four inches and twenty pounds on both of us, we didn't really have a choice about following.
      • I have cooked and presided over a good many family meals myself since those days.
      • He poured clumsily, spilling a good amount of claret as the carriage bumped along.
      • It lasted for a good ten seconds and sounded like a motorbike going down the road outside.
      • The rooms in The Moorings are generous and bright, while the back garden is a good size.
      • The crowd that assembled at it had a great time and raised a good amount for the Sudan Appeal.
      • There was a good size patch in the back right hand corner for a vegetable garden.
      • I checked my watch as subtly as I could and decided there was a good twenty minutes to go.
      • The fields were a good size, with plenty of familiar names both riding and training.
      • The goal spurred the home side on, and cheered by a good sized crowd they looked the more likely to score.

    • 15.2(not less than)

      it'll take a good hour va a llevar su buena hora / una hora larga
      • a good half of all the people interviewed más de la mitad de los entrevistados
      • it's a good mile from here queda a por lo menos una milla / a una milla larga de aquí

  • 16

    (thorough, intense)
    (rest/scolding) bueno
    I'll feel better when I've had a good night's sleep me sentiré mejor cuando haya dormido bien
    • I gave her a good talking-to le eché un buen sermón / un sermón de los buenos
  • 17informal

    (for emphasis)
    I'll do it when I'm good and ready lo haré cuando me parezca
    • the water's good and hot el agua está bien caliente
    • it's good and strong es bien fuerte
  • 18

    as good as
    • it's as good as new está como nuevo
    • you'll soon feel as good as new pronto estarás / te sentirás como nuevo
    • he as good as admitted it prácticamente lo admitió
    • she as good as told him to go away le dijo poco más o menos que se fuera


  • 1

    (moral right)
    bien masculine
    to do good hacer el bien
    • the triumph of good over evil el triunfo del bien (sobre el mal)
    • there is some good in everyone todos tenemos algo bueno
    • he may be rude but there is a lot of good in him puede que sea grosero pero tiene muchas otras cosas buenas
    • an influence for good una influencia beneficiosa
    • to be up to no good estar tramando algo
  • 2

    + plural verb the good los buenos
  • 3

    bien masculine
    for the common good por el bien común / de todos
    • for the good of sb/sth por el bien de algn/algo
    • it's for your own good es por tu (propio) bien
    • for good or ill para bien o para mal
    • no good will come of it nada bueno saldrá de ello
    • it's all to the good tanto mejor
    • it's all to the good that he did marry her hizo bien casándose con ella
    • to do sb/sth good hacerle bien a algn/algo
    • lying won't do you any good at all no ganarás / no sacarás nada con mentir
    • it did him a lot of good politically lo favoreció políticamente
    • much good may it do you! ¡para lo que te va a servir!
    • for all the good it has done me … para lo que me ha servido …
    • to be in good with sb estar a bien con algn
  • 4

    this knife is no good (at all) este cuchillo no sirve (para nada)
    • is this any good to you? ¿te sirve esto?
    • what's the good of lying? ¿para qué / de qué sirve mentir?
    • are you any good at drawing? ¿sabes dibujar?
    • I'm no good at looking after children yo no sirvo para cuidar niños
    • this book is no good este libro no vale nada
  • 5

    (in phrases)
    for good para siempre
    • for good and all de una vez por todas
  • 6

    (masculine plural) artículos
    (feminine plural) mercancías
    (feminine plural) mercaderías South America
    (wagon/train) (before noun) de carga British
    (depot) de mercancías
    (depot) de mercaderías South America
    manufactured goods (masculine plural) productos manufacturados
    • knitted goods artículos de punto
    • stolen goods artículos robados
    • to come up with / deliver the goods cumplir con lo prometido
    • the singer really delivered the goods la cantante estuvo a la altura de lo que se esperaba de ella
    • to get/have the goods on sb obtener/tener pruebas contra algn
  • 7formal

    (merchandise, property)
    (masculine plural) bienes
    all his worldly goods todas sus posesiones
    • goods and chattels bienes muebles


  • 1

  • 2

    did I do good, Pop? ¿lo hice bien, papá?
  • 3

    go after that guy and fix him but good sigue a ese tipo y dale una lección bien dada informal
    • now you listen to me, and you listen good ahora escúchame, pero escúchame bien
  • 4

    a good hard slap un buen bofetón
    • a good sharp knife un cuchillo bien afilado
    • it's been a good long while since … ha pasado su buen tiempo desde …
    • you messed that up good and proper, didn't you? metiste bien la pata, ¿no?