Translation of good works in Spanish:

good works

buenas obras, n.

plural noun

  • 1

    buenas obras feminine
    • According to Ellie, Hunter Crayton would always be scum despite any good works he might accomplish.
    • The letter she wrote to introduce the report fairly gushes with enthusiasm for doing good works.
    • A further $125m was placed with the Carnegie Corporation to carry on his good works.
    • Involved in all good works and committees, John was an excellent husband and father.
    • She was a leader because she had her followers in charity and good works, not because she moulded them into a political or military power.
    • The intention is to channel funds into deprived areas and good works such as paying for less well-off students to have gap years.
    • Ella was a very special person, whose good works and kindness knew no bounds.
    • Unfortunately, his eagerness for good works was rarely shared by others.
    • Henceforth virtue and good works would be their own rewards.
    • In due course these good works earned him a knighthood.
    • The children also put together a book of the charity's good works, as well as creating a global blanket containing flags from across the world.
    • Along with all these good works, WI branches sometimes decide that activism is called for.
    • Surely we should be known for our good works in the world?
    • The awards honour girls whose lives are a testament to the bravery and good works of Britain's teenagers.
    • We will, in the coming months, find ways public and private to celebrate the great work and good works that Danny did.
    • All his good works will be remembered and the greatest tribute we can pay to him is that he was a real guard and knew how to carry himself like a gentleman.
    • The key is to find your own way to make a living doing good works and show others it is possible.
    • They seem to be desperately trying to convince the general public that they are simply nice people who give money to charity and do good works in the community.
    • Perhaps they were lobbying the relevant minister for more public monies to fund their good works.
    • The Rev John Brown was a major influence on the Chancellor, a social Christian remembered for his good works among the people of Kirkcaldy.