Translation of goodness in Spanish:


bondad, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡʊdnəs//ˈɡʊdnəs/


  • 1

    • 1.1(moral worth)

      bondad feminine
      • The government said that it was doing this ‘out of the goodness of its heart’.
      • Don't do it out of the goodness of your heart, if you don't want to.
      • You think as you are watching it, that everything is quite politically correct, that sweet Vera is doing it all out of the goodness of her own heart, but watch closer.
      • Hope draws its power from a deep trust in higher being and the basic goodness of human nature
      • It teaches the interconnectedness of all things and the basic goodness of human nature.
      • Does anyone seriously think, for a moment, that Henry intends, from the goodness of his heart, to work hard to repay the ill-gotten gains.
      • I fed his curiosity, for it allowed me to praise the goodness and virtues of my people.
      • He went on to talk about one of the strengths of America being its tolerance for dissent, and his enormous respect for and faith in the goodness and fairness of the American people.
      • But along with my innocent childhood belief in the resurrection of rock music and the essential goodness of mankind, this myth was shattered too.
      • All the world should, and must, gather together in spirit and ensure that in the end only the goodness of mankind will prevail, as we venture into forever together.
      • Basic goodness transcends the concepts of good and bad.
      • Life on the idyllic left coast has caused her to believe in the truth of honesty, the goodness in her fellow man, and doing good deeds.
      • While often being disheartened by the mistakes of our government, it is my sincere hope that its decisions in the upcoming days are wise and reflect the goodness of this nation.
      • Meditation is a process of lightening up, of trusting the basic goodness of what we have and who we are, and of realizing that any wisdom that exists, exists in what we already have.
      • Out of the goodness of my heart I decided to loan him some of the CD-ROMs I've burned lately, so he can have a search through them and see what tunes he likes.
      • What matters is the goodness and virtue of the individual.
      • Your goodness of heart brings you peace inside.
      • But they're after us - they hate us for our goodness and our purity, they cannot abide the light we bring unto the world.
      • This book is a thousand times worse, force-feeding us a tale not only of the author's goodness, but the goodness of his long line of ancestors.
      • Wisdom requires that we work with the inner self, in order to act in accordance with the basic goodness we all have.

    • 1.2(of food)

      valor nutritivo masculine
      canned food loses a lot of its goodness los alimentos enlatados pierden gran parte de su valor nutritivo
      • The food nourishes, provides nutrients and goodness, yet the left-overs are generally uniform and of a recurring theme.
      • Some of them even went so far as to ingest tape worms to avoid their bodies absorbing the goodness from food and so remaining thin (some people today still do this).
      • It's loaded with fibre, has practically no calories, and fills you full of rich, vitamin-y goodness every time you take a bite.
      • At least, not now, with the goodness and warmth of the food spreading within him.
      • Very basic flavouring should underline the goodness of the piece of meat and fish or whatever.
      • I lifted my beer bottle to my face and drank the frothy goodness, sipping it slowly, savoring the bitter crisp taste.
      • What was once our sustenance has become carcinogenic and devoid of goodness and nourishment.

  • 2

    (as intensifier)
    (my) goodness! ¡Dios (mío)!
    • goodness me/gracious! ¡Dios mío!
    • how long will it take? — goodness (only) knows! ¿cuánto tiempo tardará? — ¡vaya usted a saber!
    • goodness knows, I only wanted to help Dios sabe que solo quería ayudar
    • I hope to goodness he'll be all right ojalá / Dios quiera que no le pase nada
    • surely to goodness you're not going like that? ¡válgame Dios! no irás a ir así ¿no?