Translation of goody in Spanish:


cosas ricas, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡʊdi//ˈɡʊdi/

nounPlural goodies


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    cosas ricas feminine
    she always came loaded with goodies siempre traía montones de cosas ricas para comer
    • Afternoon tea is served just before the game drive, with all the tasty goodies being baked in the camp kitchens.
    • My ideal Christmas was curling up in front of an open fire, nibbling goodies from a selection box, after a meal of turkey and stuffing followed by Christmas pudding.
    • He's believed to have settled on a ring from Tiffany, having showered his bride-to-be with goodies from the exclusive jewellers many times before.
    • Later as they left the park the children were treated to some refreshments and goodies which made their day.
    • We just spoiled them rotten, always finding them tasty goodies to add to their regular food.
    • As usual we had our normal snacks after as Paul Kraft supplied the goodies for the week.
    • The gas station was a tiny one-room job, with a counter in the corner and shelves of goodies filling the rest of the space.
    • Loaded with all the goodies, the loaves of zucchini bread came out tasty as ever, even if this time it substantially deviated from the original.
    • After everyone had had time to sample the goodies and see the displays there was a final treat.
    • The first prize in the Christmas draw is a large Christmas hamper with numerous other prizes of Christmas goodies.
    • She thanked the parents who provided goodies for the cake sale and to Kathleen and Michael Ryan Luke who lent their goat, Angela, to the school for the presentation.
    • Besides the trophy, the winning team walked away with attractive goodies, gift and discount coupons sponsored by various organisations.
    • The buffet had all kinds of platters of goodies and snacks set out over it for the party.
    • Home-made cakes and other goodies will be on sale but the fun only starts there as there will be games to play, videos and books to buy, a raffle with fabulous prizes and face painting.
    • Afterwards there was wine and more goodies before everyone dispersed into the cold November night, well fortified with delicious food and feeling great!
    • She wasn't a totally overweight woman; just a bit plump from all the snacks and goodies she constantly ate throughout the day.
    • They also have a keen interest in eating tasty goodies, almost without restriction.
    • The Christmas penny jar will buy more food and drink than we could possibly consume over the holiday and there aren't any goodies I truly fancy finding in my stocking.
    • Brigid Mooney and Evelyn Shaw served a lovely tea with lots of tasty seasonal goodies.
    • Treated to bags of pampering goodies and a morning tea, Lesley said it was nice to be thanked and to have the chance to talk to people who understand what she's going through.
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    bueno masculine informal
    buena feminine informal
    the goodies and the baddies los buenos y los malos
    • The reader knows who the baddie is as John Baker cleverly moves from the goodie to the baddie, to a boyfriend of one of the murdered women and to a woman who has an unnatural attraction to the baddie.
    • It's a little metal badge you wear on your lapel that tells the Secret Service that you're a goodie.
    • Obviously he wins 'cause he's the goodie, but he doesn't have an easy time of it.
    • In a way I'm a goodie, but its funny because technically I'm a baddie for being a cuckold.
    • Nervous Energy is a goodie from Iain M. Bank's Culture series.
    • I got my first break as stunt-double for the top goodie on Super Comix Babies.
    • With several hundred children it was quite a lively show, especially when the baddie crept up on the goodie in the film.
    • This is not a film with a clear moral judgement, or a neat goodie/baddie symmetry.
    • Even if they just want to have their name used, we need to decide if they want to be a baddie or a goodie.
    • This Spud, a scary librarian who uses a spud gun on misbehaving children in order to get them to read books, turns out to be a goodie and the kids discover reading books is indeed fun.
    • This time round he's a goodie as Prince Richard who falls in love and saves Snow White.
    • I'm talking about the games that suddenly impose a countdown on a level; the type of countdown you get in stupid action films, where the goodie has to defuse the bomb before it detonates.


child language

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    ¡viva! informal
    ¡yupi! informal