Translation of goof-off in Spanish:


haragán, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡuf ˌɔf///



  • 1

    haragán masculine
    haragana feminine
    flojo masculine informal
    floja feminine informal
    escaqueador masculine Spain informal
    escaqueadora feminine Spain informal
    capeador masculine Chile informal
    capeadora feminine Chile informal
    • This was a flight for way-ward pilots, drunks, and general goof-offs.
    • Ryan, Meg assessed, was caring, compassionate, and a bit of a goof-off, especially when around his coconspirator, Jay.
    • I know I've been a goof-off in the past, but you really mean a lot to me.
    • I Should Be Working is devoted to ‘slackers, goof-offs, procrastinators, loafers, ‘long lunchers’, and web addicted employees worldwide.’
    • Along the way we meet other prisoners that are wacky, tough guys or goof-offs.
    • She didn't tolerate goof-offs and encouraged talent, creativity.
    • And the nice thing's he's such a dissembling goof-off that nobody ever suspects he'd do any of the things he winds up doing.
    • Ms. Brophy, in one week, has earned the reputation amongst the science department of being able to tame even the wildest goof-offs in school.
    • It's an unending, escalating arms race between the control freaks and the goof-offs.
    • Murphy still has the friendly, boyish manner of a longtime goof-off.
    • As he bounced from school to school, the perpetual new kid developed into a serious goof-off.