Translation of google in Spanish:


googlear, v.

Pronunciation /ˈɡuɡ(ə)l//ˈɡuːɡl/

transitive verb


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    googlear informal
    I googled more than fifty universities to find the course I wanted googleé más de cincuenta universidades para encontrar el curso que quería
    • His name is DJ Reeve, but I googled him and all I get are scientists and some Swiss kid, so, that's not him.
    • You were the crush I've never forgotten and since the Internet has arrived, I've even googled your name Tim, but where would I begin.
    • But I was intrigued by Dan's comment, so I googled him, as you do, and had a look at some of the things he's written.
    • So someone googled him and came up with his casting details.
    • James is one of the bosses at a certain media institution; you can google him.
    • Just in case the link doesn't work, try googling Michael Briere or Holly Jones to get the story.
    • Chris at Crooked Timber has googled the author of this piece and comes up with some revealing links.
    • You've probably also heard me talk about how much I wanted to find him - how long I've been searching, googling him all the time and never finding anything.
    • However, after googling the guy, he seems to be an expert on handwriting not on typewritten documents.
    • ‘The person I finally chose, Ali, I googled him a lot: I found that he once had a speeding ticket in Connecticut,’ Isabelle smiled.
    • After writing this I googled him, and he turns out to have been the director of the Edinburgh Film Festival, which I'm waiting to hear from.
    • An old college boyfriend sent me an email yesterday after googling and finding my weblog.
    • Three or so years ago I googled him, and there it was on the internet.
    • I googled the author to see what became of him, and to my delight the entire book is up on the web.
    • You know, if you're just googling your favorite celebrity, blogs tend to rank very high on that search engine.
    • So this morning I googled him and found Old Friends.
    • I googled her recently, but the search turned up nothing.
    • Last night I googled me again and in no time at all was presented with 2270 results, I smiled quietly to myself.
    • And this is the kind of thing I don't need coming up under my full name when I'm googled.
    • For some additional fun, try googling other people you know - friends, relatives, or maybe that cute guy/girl who sits across from you in class.

intransitive verb

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    to google for sth googlear para algo
    • he's googling for information on the solar eclipse está googleando para obtener información sobre el eclipse solar