Translation of goon in Spanish:


memo, n.

Pronunciation /ɡun//ɡuːn/



  • 1

    (silly person)
    memo masculine informal
    mema feminine informal
    ganso masculine informal
    gansa feminine informal
    • We got her all established, then sat around for at least forty-five minutes like the goons we are, grinning and commenting on her every action.
    • A CD disc changer has replaced the DJ tonight and the local musicians who made up a large part of the clientele have been replaced by college goons slurping up their student loans.
    • I enjoyed these comparisons, and chuckled heartily at the thought of all the pasty faced goons queuing for minging breakfast rolls along the M50.
    • I attribute the successes of the show to the bassist and the saxophonist, and the failures to the two goons behind the laptops.
    • Yet the sun starved goons are still sitting out, shivering, trying to drain the last goodness from the day and avoid facing up to the fact that they have an exam in the morning.
  • 2US

    matón masculine
    guarura masculine Mexico
    before noun the goon squad (police) la tira Mexico informal
    • Mobbed wherever she goes and forced to travel everywhere with a squad of security goons, on one occasion the California Highway Patrol had to close an entire section of freeway to let her car escape pursuing fans.
    • While supervisors looked on a gang of goons attacked and beat union organizers, forcing them to sign documents that they were quitting their jobs.
    • Mean Mike saunters over to the security perimeter set up by security goons.
    • He had two goons trailing behind him; his personal body thugs.
    • But there was another tension on the back of my mind that whether I should be taking the same route while returning as there was every possibility of my teammates being detained or attacked by the local goons.
    • A network built upon trust and cooperation comes crashing down when thugs and goons roll through the neighborhood.
    • The decade of the 1980s and early 1990s saw the almost routine use of company-paid goons, uniformed and armed, in labor struggles.
    • Squads of goons roamed the area in buses cutting down the banners and decorations.
    • Even murderous goons and heartless goombahs were stirred to noble deeds.
    • After expelling the reporters, the goons vandalized the newspaper's equipment.
    • A large and final wave of goons comes on at the guards from all sides.
    • Once the goons (like Bromell) have us by the throat, there'll be very little room to manoeuvre (it's tough when one is in handcuffs).
    • Obviously threatened by our tenacity, the owner called his goons, five men, and grabbed my friend (a woman) as she approached the counter with another question.
    • The goons, armed with slingshots, nuts, bolts and ball bearings, wounded over thirty of the leftists.
    • He had fought goons, he had hospitalized thieves, he had beaten the best fighters in the world but he had never gone up against anything like these fiends of horror.
    • When we mouth off or botch it, they see us as the Dalton Boys, bullying goons who never learn.
    • It sounded great, so I did chase her and got really hurt by a security goon.
    • There were at least seventeen armed goons, not to mention the three snipers on the roof.
    • ‘Their place is going to be crawling with bodyguards and other low-life goons,’ he mumbled.
    • The police should have at least stopped the people being thrown out, especially if it was done with the use of dogs and goons.