Translation of goose pimples in Spanish:

goose pimples

carne de gallina, n.

plural noun

  • 1

    carne de gallina feminine
    I broke / came out in goose pimples se me enchinó el cuero Mexico informal
    • Every time I was carrying out a mundane task and I remembered what had just happened, the scale of the destruction brought me out in goose pimples.
    • Lia placed her hands on her lap, the overwhelming cold biting through her thin blouse and sending goose pimples creeping over her flesh.
    • A sudden blast of warmth hit her, and began to dissolve some of the goose pimples on her pale skin.
    • My heart leapt into my throat and started choking me, a wave of heat rushing through my body and leaving goose pimples on my skin.
    • Oooh, it gives me goose pimples just writing about it.
    • The dress fell below her knees, the soft red fabric brushing against her legs and sending goose pimples creeping across her flesh.
    • As I moved further into the bog, the water rose up to my calves; causing goose pimples to grow and swell about my legs.
    • She looks at me from outside the car and she's wearing a strapless cocktail dress and the skin on her arms is covered in goose pimples under a thin shawl.
    • She had goose pimples running up and down her arms as she stirred the spoon in the coffee cup.
    • I hate it when I break out in goose pimples and my palms sweat and my throat goes all parched.
    • It sent goose pimples up her arms and the flush that had started across her cheeks began to burn.
    • In the unheated bathroom the cold raised goose pimples on his arms and shoulders as he stood naked waiting for the spray, which spattered against the plastic shower curtain, to start steaming.
    • Larek's wet clothing stuck to his skin and offered no warmth at all, and quickly he found his toes going numb and his skin breaking out in goose pimples.
    • Spinning around, I noticed my nakedness, the goose pimples on my warm flesh.
    • This may not be a performance of The Flying Dutchman to bring out the goose pimples but it is a fascinating one, with real musical integrity even if this version of the score is unlikely to supersede its familiar counterpart.
    • I couldn't help noticing that several of these midriffs sported textured goose pimples.
    • Jack slipped out of the car, the chilly night air lashing against his skin and sending goose pimples creeping over his flesh.
    • It was all right, really, as they were doing it for charity, which, along with faith and hope, keeps you going even when you have goose pimples in the cold but beautiful Yorkshire countryside.
    • It was cold there, very cold, and my naked flesh grew goose pimples from the chill.
    • Janis Joplin singing Cry Baby gave me goose pimples.