Translation of goose step in Spanish:

goose step

Pronunciation /ˈɡuːs stɛp//ˈɡus ˌstɛp/


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    the goose step el paso de ganso
    • Soon the guard - about half a dozen soldiers and NCOs in all - marched out with an extremely rapid step and exaggerated movements; they came to a halt with a massive goose-step.
    • If you want to learn how the traditional Prussian goose-step works you have to watch British television, because in Germany in the younger generation - even in my generation - nobody knows how to perform it.
    • ‘Our house was a mile up the road from the Village and we could hear the Nazis marching in goose-step on the cobblestones,’ recalls Linn.

intransitive verbgoose stepped, goose stepping

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    marchar a paso de ganso