Translation of Gordian knot in Spanish:

Gordian knot

nudo gordiano, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡɔːdɪən//ˌɡɔrdiən ˈnɑt/


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    nudo gordiano masculine
    • Nobody in the audience realizes that that's what's happening until it's nearly finished, however, since by this point the plot line more resembles a Gordian knot that is never really sorted out.
    • At that moment, the work shifted gears, the Gordian knot was severed, and the audience were confronted by a new set of terms by which to navigate this experience.
    • He might have better luck with another complaint - the Gordian knot of Ed Code regulations that consume so much time, attention and money.
    • International co-operation proved totally unable to untie this Gordian knot.
    • Unfortunately, thanks to complicated accounting and IRS rules, evaluating pension risk is a Gordian knot that is not easily unraveled.
    • In practice, the story of Hannibal's evolution from best-selling novel to blockbuster film unwinds with all the ease of a Gordian knot.
    • It's just that sometimes when the red cloud descends, the instantaneous, irrevocable solution is irresistibly appealing, as Alexander the Great proved by hacking through the Gordian knot.
    • Instead of sinking into a Gordian knot of cynicism leading to despair, we can rise to be the change we want to see!
    • ‘The whole question of electronic privacy is like a Gordian knot,’ Casti said.
    • An offstage character, a dead sister, also thickened the brew; finally, the cross-references became a Gordian knot.
    • The untangling of these moral ambiguities is tortuous - akin to undoing a Gordian knot.
    • If we really understood either the physical or mental bases of the patient's aggression or other symptoms, we could untie this Gordian knot.
    • A satirical commentary on native genocide and its aftermath, the play tangles characters, notions and story threads into a defiant Gordian knot.
    • It's a Gordian knot that nobody's been able to unravel.
    • We have reached this position because no British politician has had the nerve, or the stature, to cut through the Irish Gordian knot in the way that de Gaulle severed Algeria from France.
    • Life conditions and life strategies are as tightly entwined as the Gordian knot.
    • Rather than attempting to untie one of sociologists' Gordian knots by offering an abstract, quantitative definition of the middle class, Maureen O'Doughtery looked to her informants for an answer.
    • We think of complexity as unnecessary and are ever looking for Gordian knots to cut, even though we may slice through something vital.
    • However, the overall intent and effect of the play was one of a happy lark through the Gordian knot of contemporary socio-political problems and out to a happy ending.