Translation of gossamer in Spanish:


telaraña, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡɒsəmə//ˈɡɑsəmər/



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    telaraña feminine
    (wings/threads) (before noun) tenue
    (threads/wings) (before noun) sutil
    the fabric was gossamer-light el tejido era ligero y vaporoso
    • But he fell into a sleep light as gossamer, and a dream that seemed equally light.
    • That day she was dressed in a long, flowing skirt of black along with a blue top that had a pouting cherub on it and sleeves of gossamer.
    • Glittery, white snowflakes hung from the ceiling, while along the edges of the bleachers was white gossamer that was also draped over the bleachers.
    • A smile touched his blue lips as he patiently waited for the fragile wings of gossamer that would carry him to the heavens.
    • He detested the Victorian ideal of love, with the doves and rosy-cheeked cherubs and gossamer and lace.
    • It looked to have been crafted from gossamer, or light itself.
    • The film will remain to me nothing more than a vehicle for her to look gorgeous swanning around in the flower fields, or looking suitably rubenesque floating in gossamer.
    • Her hair had drifted through his fingers like gossamer.
    • The dark blond which usually shone like gossamer, hang lankly against her head and down her back.
    • It resembles something sewn together out of scraps of gossamer: it's delicate and ethereal.
    • My ivory limbs glisten under the weight of the lightest gossamer.
    • The fine line between loyalty and betrayal is like gossamer.