Translation of government in Spanish:


gobierno, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡəvər(n)mənt//ˈɡʌv(ə)nˌm(ə)nt//ˈɡʌvəm(ə)nt/


  • 1

    (permanent structure)
    gobierno masculine
    estado masculine
    government owned del Estado
    • to be in government estar en el poder
    • It means a form of government which is fully democratic and entirely accountable.
    • First, federalism can deliver a model of limited, democratic government within a nation.
    • Is a democratic form of government a necessary pre-condition for the existence of human rights?
    • As time moves on we see more States conforming to this system of government.
    • The Republic of Cyprus is a democracy with a presidential system of government.
    • Is this really the way in which democratic government should work, where a minority hold sway over the ignored majority?
    • We are not in the area of common law or a unitary system of government.
    • The tradition is a legacy from the days when Democrats dominated state government.
    • Australia is a parliamentary democracy based on the British system of government.
    • Once upon a time, democratic government at all levels, reflected the views of the majority of the people.
    • He appears to have thought that Communism was as good as any other system of government.
    • The blame lies with central government which has restricted local council funding.
    • Our system of government can be called many things, but democracy is certainly is not.
    • With it went the whole structure of provincial, local, and municipal government.
    • We must try to live up to our stated principles of human rights, the rule of law and democratic government.
    • A second shift is to move tax and spending from federal government to states and towns.
    • The American bureaucracy fits somewhat awkwardly into its democratic system of government.
    • This in turn would pose dangers to the operation of democratic government within the United States.
    • It is about whether we will have a system of government and a social system in which we see each other as equals.
    • This makes democratic government in such states impossible, for the natural terminus is a single dominant party.
  • 2

    gobierno masculine
    régimen masculine
    a military/democratic government un gobierno / un régimen militar/democrático
    • to form a government formar gobierno
    • the scandal caused the government to fall / the fall of the government el escándalo provocó la caída del gobierno
    • the Government is or (British also) are determined to … el Gobierno está decidido a …
    • before noun government bonds bonos del Estado
    • government department secretaría
    • government grant beca del gobierno
    • government health warning advertencia sanitaria del Ministerio de Salud
    • government pension pensión del estado
    • government policy política gubernamental
    • government stock títulos del Estado
    • We are of the view that governments are there to serve the needs of the people and maximise the benefits for all.
    • The country's government is now keen to attract western investment into other sectors.
    • It is going to be interesting to see how long the federal government waits before stepping in.
    • I attended law school and worked as an attorney for a state government agency for 10 years.
    • We know that people have worked hard for their money, and that governments must spend it wisely.
    • One of the immediate tasks of a new government and the international community will be bringing war criminals to justice.
    • But we need to build a movement so strong that it can force the governments of the world to act.
    • We have seen successive governments and home secretaries promise to be tough on crime.
    • He was to form no less than fourteen governments as Prime Minister during the rest of his life.
    • Giving and receiving freedom will take only a day, but running a government and a nation is not an easy task.
    • Do you feel confident that the federal government is doing enough to secure air travel?
    • In truth the problems facing the American and British governments are of their own making.
    • He was told that Washington wants a strong central government in the country.
    • After all, it was the nation, the government, who would pay, not the hospitals.
    • They have never had much faith in governments and have always believed in direct action.
    • However, that was a political decision based on the actions of an entire nation and its government.
    • The federal government has been unsuccessful for ten years in negotiating a peace.
    • Has there been a new era of provincial partnership with the federal government?
    • But, as of midnight tomorrow, government funding for that contract will stop.
    • Let's consider for a moment the possibility of a minority government being elected in the next federal vote.
    • At the low point, the US government appealed to foreign nations to contribute to the work.