Translation of government-issue in Spanish:


de dotación estatal, adj.


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    de dotación estatal US
    (bonds/stock) del Estado
    (stock/bonds) del Tesoro
    • The relationship reaches its nadir when Francis, afraid that she is about to be shipped off to military school, shoots her father with his government issue sidearm.
    • The government issue x-ray/night vision binoculars worked great but weren't exactly proving to be all that useful in his search.
    • As an additional footnote, in 1956 U.S. military policy dictated the coloring of government issue holsters be changed from natural tan to black.
    • This was the first standard government issue firearm and the beginning of the long tradition of US military small arms manufacture.
    • Everything she possessed right now was government issue.
    • The building was not standard government issue.