Translation of governor general in Spanish:

governor general

Gobernador General, n.

nounPlural Governors General, Plural governors general

  • 1

    (in British Commonwealth)
    Gobernador General masculine
    Gobernadora General feminine
    • The Governor General represented both the Queen and her British government, and he was always a Briton.
    • In Singapore, in the late 1940s, he was the British Governor General for South East Asia and later in Kenya he had played the role of a diplomat.
    • She is the youngest daughter of Lord Patten of Barnes, the 28th and last British Governor General of Hong Kong.
    • The Governor General of India, Lord Louis Mountbatten, oversaw the provisional acceptance of Kashmir into the Indian union pending a plebiscite.
    • Final confirmation of the reserve by the Governor General in Council has never been obtained.
    • Brisbane will lead the international fleet into the harbour to be greeted by onlookers and reviewing officers, Prince Phillip and the Governor General.
    • ‘It is with deep regret and after much thought that I have today advised the Prime Minister that I wish to resign from the office of Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia,’ he added.
    • Brisbane will lead the review into the harbour, while it is expected the Governor General will be the reviewing officer.
    • After coming to a decision, the members of the Cabinet Committee, or perhaps a senior member, signed the draft Order in Council, which was then presented to the Governor General for her signature.
    • Our constitution was written when Queen Victoria ruled and the Governor General was her representative.
    • In March 1904 the city council petitioned the Governor General for possession or control of the city water front.
    • Although she can't force an election, the Governor General can advise the prime minister to dissolve Parliament and call a vote.
    • Dame Catherine Tizard became New Zealand's first woman Governor General - the fourth female Governor-General in the Commonwealth.
    • He'd met with the Governor General back in January to discuss the needs of underprivileged children and has so far received her esteemed stamp of approval.
    • The Prime Minister, the Foreign Minister and the Governor General all asked the Singapore Government to grant him clemency, but Singapore's Cabinet rejected their pleas today.
    • The first Governor General of British Bengal was appointed because he was well versed in Urdu and Persian.
  • 2British

    (chief administrator)
    director general masculine
    directora general feminine