Translation of grab in Spanish:


agarrar, v.

Pronunciation /ɡræb//ɡrab/

transitive verbgrabbing, grabbed

  • 1

    (hand/rope) agarrar
    (chance/opportunity) aprovechar
    he grabbed me by the arm me agarró del brazo
    • she grabbed the money (away) from me me arrebató el dinero
    • the advertisement grabbed my attention el anuncio me llamó la atención
    • to grab the headlines saltar a los titulares
    • We first stopped off at my house so i could quickly get changed and grab some money.
    • She grabs three shot glasses and we all walk into the living room.
    • We come to a gentle stop and as Jack rolls out of his seat, I quickly lean over and grab his wallet out of his back pocket.
    • Two pairs of hands grabbed me roughly by the arms and started dragging me up the steps.
    • He was suddenly caught off guard by someone grabbing him from behind.
    • Shoving the bills in her pocket she headed for the door quickly grabbing her jacket.
    • Suddenly, he grabs her savagely by the arm and throws her at the nearest wall.
    • Lauren walked faster, scared now, and she was still trying to place the voices when suddenly she felt someone grab her roughly around the waist.
    • Then Phil suddenly got up, grabbed Amy off of me and pinned her to the floor.
    • One of the men lowered his gun and grabbed her roughly by the shoulder.
    • He seized keys up from the counter and grabbed me by my wrist, yanking me out the door.
    • Suddenly he was striding up to Loretta, grabbing her around the waist and hoisting her up over his shoulder.
    • She gasped as she was suddenly grabbed from behind and a hand came up to cover her mouth.
    • Paul reached out to grab him and Matt ducked away avoiding the guy's grasp.
    • He quickly grabbed the magazine from her hands and she told him to look at page 78.
    • I grabbed a plate full of sausages and sat down at a table.
    • The researchers concluded that planning weekly meals and related grocery shopping will help adults resist the fast-meal decisions that lead to grabbing a quick bite.
    • I quickly grab a seat with Jake and Emily at the rear of the room.
    • Quickly grabbing a bagel, she ran outside to wait for her best friend to pick her up and take her to school.
    • My brother and I would quickly grab our raincoats (mine was red and his was bright yellow) and our rubber boots, and then would rush out the door.
    • I excused myself quickly, grabbing a muesli bar on the way out of the kitchen and I shut myself in what was to become my bedroom.
    • We headed over to the snack bar to return my bowling shoes and grab lunch before his mother arrived to pick us up.
    • I can grab whatever you want from the catering truck, and we can eat in here.
    • He looked around, quickly grabbing his glasses which had also tumbled to the floor, now fully awake.
    • Suddenly a bunch of big men in suits grabbed him and dragged him to the alley of the casino.
    • Sam quickly grabbed hold of Mel when he felt her getting up from the bed.
    • Grace quickly grabs the horse's reins before it runs away and calms it before walking to the stranger, who is still sitting on the ground.
    • He grabs Taylor by the collar of his shirt and roughly yanks him to his feet.
    • Tristan then grabbed a hold of my hand and led me through the forest.
    • He made a move to break away into the street, and I tried to grab him, catching the end of his shirt.
    • I broke off as he grabbed me by the collar and hauled me round a corner into a dark room.
  • 2

    (land) apropiarse de
    (land) apoderarse de
    (money) llevarse
    I grabbed the window seat cogí el asiento de la ventanilla Spain
  • 3informal

    (eat, take hurriedly)
    I'll just grab a hamburger somewhere me comeré una hamburguesa en algún sitio por ahí
    • grab a seat agárrate un asiento
    • I try to strike a balance between attention grabbing and classical designs.
    • Now I get the headlines once or twice a day and only watch on if there's something attention grabbing.
    • Well-crafted work that is creative and well-animated will always grab someone's attention.
    • He was one of the very very few people who would always grab and hold my attention whenever I flicked through channels or stations.
    • If cinematic spectacle grabs eyeballs, then gameplay grabs minds.
    • I stepped onto the table to help me grab everyone's attention.
    • The voice is so attention grabbing, right from the first paragraph.
    • He stressed that idea of the event is to grab the public's attention with their favourite acts, rather than to give them a diverse arts festival.
    • It may not contain much color or anything attention grabbing, but there's just something about it.
    • The lyrics are what really grabbed and held my attention as far as this album is concerned.
    • The pretty young things want to grab all the attention and those on the older side are in their own world.
    • Yep, I'm using an attention grabbing headline again to get you to read the article.
    • The misdeeds of corporate America grab headlines and generate huge media coverage.
    • But there are so many demonstrations that the people whose attention they are trying to grab barely take notice.
    • After a little while, if they have failed to grab me, I move on.
    • But you have to ask if this understated compact executive car can grab you in the way that you want from a sporty model.
    • Still, it is goalscorers who win games and grab headlines.
    • Like it or not, readers in my generation need visuals to grab and guide their attention.
    • The purpose of this film is to grab the audience's undivided attention, and it accomplishes this fairly well.
    • She always found a way to grab everyone's attention, but if you ask me, she doesn't need a big entrance.
  • 4informal

    (appeal to)
    (idea) atraer
    how does that grab you? ¿qué te parece?

intransitive verbgrabbing, grabbed

  • 1

    don't grab, wait your turn no arrebates, espera que te toque a ti
    • to grab at sth
    • she grabbed at the rope trató de agarrar la cuerda
    • he grabbed at the chance no dejó escapar la oportunidad


  • 1

    to make a grab for sth tratar de agarrar algo
    • I made a grab at her arm to stop her falling quise agarrarla del brazo para que no se cayera
    • the cat made a grab for the mouse el gato se abalanzó sobre el ratón
    • I shouted over my shoulder as I made a quick grab for my keys and flung open the door.
    • Donovan made a grab for his brother and lifted hist shirt to reveal the tell-tale marking.
    • I made a quick grab for her and pulled her down to the bed with me.
    • He hopped down from the porch and made a quick grab for her sleeve.
    • He tried to make a grab for her, but she was quick on her feet and he ended up falling flat on his face.
    • Faith's apple went flying in the air as she was knocked over, and she had to make a mad grab to catch it before it fell.
    • Look I think it just comes down to a grab for power by the manufacturers.
    • The burgundy-coloured car was carrying four young men and one jumped out of the passenger door and made a grab for her bag containing a purse and cash.
    • Many companies want to make a quick grab for market share or return on investment, and with high prices both objectives can be harder to achieve.
    • It was only the quick grab of one of his porters that saves him from the fall.
    • When Ken felt a grab, he turned around to face a huge man.
    • Tristyn noticed the note that Tamara had thrown away, and made a quick grab to get it before Tamara noticed it.
    • As soon as I put weight on my feet I lost my balance and fell, only a quick grab for the headboard of my bed saved me from crashing to the floor.
  • 2US slang

    atraco masculine
  • 3

    (de una excavadora) pala feminine
    • Their modern tracked cranes equipped with grabs and magnets can be seen operating at the dockside in Sligo harbour.
    • The lessons had still not been learned by November the following year, when the mechanical grab ripped up part of a late medieval barge near Trig Stairs.
  • 4

    Television Computing
    (still image)
    captura feminine
    • One exception could be the ability to take screen grabs from live video and ship them immediately via e-mail.
    • Screen grabs and extensive appendices illustrate these tutorials which are clearly presented, if a little poorly signposted.
    • Tom has a screen grab of the document and notes on the experience.
    • The exhibit features a mélange of mediums, including drawings, photocopied photographs and video frame grabs.
    • They had used video grabs taken 2km into the march every three minutes throughout the five hour event.