Translation of grade in Spanish:


calidad, n.

Pronunciation: /ɡreɪd//ɡreɪd/


  • 1

    • 1.1(quality)

      calidad feminine
      it divides hotels into four grades divide a los hoteles en cuatro categorías
      • grade A /grade 1 tomatoes tomates de la mejor calidad / de primera
      • grade 3 eggs huevos del tamaño número 3
      • Grade VI piano exam examen de sexto (año) de piano
      • All four semi-finalists will have the option of moving up to the lower tier of the new grade.
      • The array of choices is dizzying, from different types of cows and grades of milk quality to the ability to breed hybrid vegetables.
      • Use steel wool or a fine grade of sandpaper to smooth out the affected area and an inch or two of the surrounding floor.
      • A beeper and colored lights indicate the blade's position relative to the desired grade.
      • I'll have to use the finest grade of wet sandpaper.
      • And not just the fruit, for they used the flowers in botanical medicines as well as in making a red dye, and the bark of the plant was helpful in tanning the finest grades of leather.
      • We stand ready to advise you on the period and particular hotels that will give best value for a specified grade of accommodation.
      • Use the finest grade of lime available at a reasonable price when surface applications are made.
      • Usually the finer grades are used in the rubbing process.
      • The one medicine that in every grade of society was valued above all others was Dr Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People.
      • Tensile fabric comes in different structural grades and colors.
      • But the part of the process I loved most was the hand polishing with increasingly fine grades of sand paper done under running water.
      • Just be sure to use the gardening-grade perlite rocks and not the finer grade masonry-quality powder.
      • There are four grades at this age level, A, B, C, D and the teams and supporters who make it to the finals turn it into a noisy wonderful occasion.

    • 1.2(in seniority)

      grado masculine
      Military rango masculine
      administrative grades escalafón administrativo masculine
      • salary grades escala salarial
      • time in grade antigüedad en en puesto
      • to make the grade
      • she's talented enough to make the grade tiene el talento necesario para triunfar (/ para lograr lo que se propone etc. )
      • For example, there may be 10 salary grades (A to J) separated by increments of $1,000.
      • The dispute centres on the implementation of a 35-hour week which would bring guards in line with most other grades of staff employed by the company.
      • It said managers had been ranked into three grades, with the bottom 15 per cent losing their jobs.
      • A few years later he became a pilot and rose through the ranks to management grade by the time he was 30.
      • We have to have a structure and grades, because of our size and we have to work within those.
      • Collier outlined that equal pay within salary grades is enforced by the University.
      • The automaker was accused of unfair bias in giving older, white male employees lower grades, raises and rates of promotion than young women and minorities.
      • I think in order to build confidence and to ensure that black women are moving through ranks and grades, we need to have a positive action programme that analyses their particular needs.
      • The second grade would command the rank of major or lieutenant colonel.
      • The majority of employees are the lower clerical grades, i.e. Clerical Officers, Executive Officers and Higher Executive Officers.
      • The strikers want the abolition of salary anomalies between staff employed on different grades at universities.
      • In central and local government, for example, the majority of employees in the lowest grades are women.
      • We desperately need a culture that values teamwork at all grades in the profession.
      • In the same year the Ministry lost 39 employees from the lower grades, including clerks, interpreters and recorders.
      • She also said employees on the same grade in different regions got paid different salaries for the same work, or the same salary for different hours.
      • The salary grades were framed according to different sports and the importance of each athlete to their team.
      • Following half a day of action in October and the threat of more strikes this week, management decided to reopen negotiations with a timetable to produce a system of pay grades by the end of February.
      • The following are the ranks and corresponding pay grades within the Army, from lowest to highest.
      • Although most respondents were white collar staff, they covered a wide range of grades from office support staff to permanent secretary.
      • Under the council's offer, many employees on middle salary grades will only receive lump-sum payments with no cost-of-living increase.

      del escalafón

  • 2

    • 2.1US school

      grado masculine
      año masculine
      curso masculine
      • In the ninth grade, 81 percent of females and males were participating in physical education.
      • Students in the upper grades do an internship two afternoons every week.
      • Students in higher grades scored better than students in lower grades.
      • It is estimated that by the first grade, 5 percent of children have noticeable speech disorders, the majority of which have no known cause.
      • Did I fail to mention that I failed the part where we had to identify animals in first grade?
      • Students at all grade levels benefited from remedial summer school, but students in the earliest grades and in secondary school may benefit most.
      • It is at the second grade reading level that you should begin monitor and track the areas of reading fluency and see a steady progress in the words per minute your child can read and comprehend.
      • Every year, the students in all grades of my elementary school do a papier-mache project.
      • It gives home computers to students in the 3rd grade and up.
      • This Act proposes that every student in grades 3 through 8 will be proficient in reading and math.
      • Yuntardi was confused when his daughter Sekar, a first grade elementary pupil, asked him to register her in a school tennis course.
      • The average fifth grader read at a second grade level.
      • Beautiful weavings can be created by students in grades 3-6 with simple cardboard looms.
      • After a while, it seemed obvious that he didn't have the same skill, he was paired with Dale for a lab in the 7th grade and history was made.
      • Only 7 percent of black children in the eighth grade read at a level of proficiency.

    • 2.2school University
      (in exam)

      nota feminine
      calificación feminine
      to get good grades sacar buenas notas
      • The students who received passing grades earned them.
      • It is kind of like paying teachers more when their students get higher grades.
      • He is also concerned that they have led to significant grade inflation because they are closely tied to the grades that students expect to receive.
      • Teachers who hand out misleading grades thereby allow some students, already let down by a school system that has failed to prepare them adequately, to be blindsided.
      • He found that students would achieve similar grades, whether or not they liked or enjoyed their teachers.
      • Students whose grades fell below 3.0 in the previous school year attend Summer Academy in their home city, rather than the Summer Institute.
      • Most commonly, he says, students complain about grades and faculty grading practices.
      • Brian noticed that students' grades were higher than those on previous unit quizzes.
      • Students' grades are based primarily on teacher-designed or local tests, so the stakes for students are unclear.
      • Teachers often tell students their grades out loud, so that each person knows what grade the others received.
      • Yet it is mandatory that I give this student a grade; moreover, she herself wants an evaluation of her performance.
      • Minimum matriculation requirements are at least two pass grades and university courses for which there is not strong demand might accept students with these grades.
      • Under the admissions policy, 90 percent of students are accepted by grades and test scores alone.
      • The students who take the course during their initial semester are making higher grades cumulatively.
      • And it would also revise its code of practice on how students' grades related to the marks they score in their exams.
      • Students compete for grades, they compete for awards, they compete for a place on the team.
      • Students with lower grades can still get into Southern if they score high enough on college-aptitude tests.
      • That is, the higher the students' grades in high school, the more likely they would persist to meet their educational goals in college.
      • School records were used to obtain data on student grades and standardized test scores.
      • If the awards were based instead on, say, high-school grades, many students would respond by choosing easy courses where an A is guaranteed.

  • 3US

    cuesta feminine
    • I also noticed that the hill that the car rolled up was at a lower grade than the hill that the starting line was painted on.
    • That would be like loading up your car and driving it up in the mountains at a 6% grade all day every day.
    • Clark points out that some applications, such as parking lots, have so many different grades and slopes that the use of a trimmer becomes almost impossible.
    • While you're outside, check that the grade around the house slopes away from it.
    • Road construction has changed the hill grade from 11.5 per cent to eight
    • Myrna and David visited a hillside azalea garden in a nearby park to walk the trails and get a feel for the different grades of slope.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (eggs/wool/fruit) clasificar
  • 2

    (order in ascending scale)
    (questions/exercise) ordenar por grado de dificultad
  • 3US

    (exercise/test) corregir y calificar
    I've graded her B le puse una B
    • he tends to grade students up/down suele poner notas bastante altas/bajas
  • 4graded past p

    (eggs/produce) clasificado
    (exercises/tests) escalonados por grado de dificultad British
  • 5US

    (make more level)
    (soil/surface) nivelar