Translation of gram in Spanish:


gramo, n.

(British gramme)

Pronunciation /ɡræm//ɡram/


  • 1

    gramo masculine
    • At present I think all we can say is that protein intake in general should be, particularly for women, at a level of about 1 gram per kilogram body weight per day.
    • The basic unit of mass in chemistry is the gram.
    • He effortlessly climbs a ladder with 120 grams of weights - equal to three times his body weight - strapped on his back.
    • Just to be sure, I measured out 200 - gram portions of each sugar and pulverized them in a food processor.
    • The recommended daily amount of protein consumed is 1.0 to 1.2 grams per kilogram of body weight.
    • Remember that every 4 grams of sugar content equals 1 teaspoon of sugar.
    • Weighing in at a touch under 700 grams, this unit is one of the large ones…
    • Creatine is also found in meat and fish, usually at a concentration of about 4 grams of creatine per kilogram.
    • Dietary labels and guidelines, however, use milligrams, grams, and liters.
    • Change your weight in kilograms to grams by multiplying by 1000.
    • That equals 0.3 grams of lead in every liter of gasoline.
    • Most metric recipes were based on a weight unit of 25 grams - slightly less than an ounce - and a liquid measure of half a litre, which was slightly less than a pint.
    • For the record, he weighed in a healthy 4.25 kilograms, a gain of 450 grams on his birth weight.
    • Men need two grams of protein per kilogram of body weight when they train intensely, says Sternlicht.
    • The prototype four-legged robot weighs just 10 grams and measures 70 millimeters in height.
    • Five 80 gram servings of fruits and vegetables each day seems to be the amount needed for optimum protection.
    • The scrapping of pounds and ounces in shops in favour of kilograms and grams caused public resentment which the government is unlikely to want to revive.
    • Experts estimate that enough of the virus is contained in one gramme of faeces from an infected animal to infect a million other dogs.
    • Their lawyers argued that England and Wales should be exempt from European Union rules requiring fruit and vegetables to be labeled in grams and kilograms.
    • Consumers are reminded that genuine products have more elaborate labels and come in 500-millilitre bottles, as opposed to the fakes which are in 750 - gramme bottles.