Translation of grand duke in Spanish:

grand duke

gran duque, n.


  • 1

    gran duque masculine
    • The grand duke of Tuscany, Ferdinand I, in the meantime, showed a new level of independence from Spain by marrying a French princess, and announcing the marriage of his niece Maria to the French king.
    • Francesco I, Cosimo's son and the second grand duke of Tuscany, was deeply interested in botany and invited the artist Jacopo Ligozzi to his court in 1577, where he remained until his death in 1626.
    • Distracted in the east, abandoned even by the grand duke of Tuscany, the Emperor's own brother, in February, she sustained her war effort only by borrowing from a suspicious Great Britain.
    • My father fully intended to stop me from becoming grand duke if I married Lily.
    • He was created grand duke of Cleves and Berg in 1806 and showered with foreign orders in 1807.
    • The official guest list named at least 70 kings, queens, grand dukes, princes, counts and lesser nobles.
    • Absorbed by the Russian empire as a result of the war of 1808-1909, the country became an autonomous grand duchy with the Russian tsar as grand duke, operating under the Swedish legal system.
    • The grand dukes became the tsars of Muscovy, who in turn became emperors of the Russian Empire.
    • When Sweden lost control of Finland to the Russians during the Napoleonic era, the city was declared the capital of the Grand Duchy of Finland by Czar Alexander I, who was himself the grand duke.
    • It is so comforting to know that one day you will be grand duke.
    • The grand duke or duchess, the ceremonial head of state, appoints the prime minister, who is responsible to a sixty-member Chamber of Deputies that is popularly elected every five years.
    • In 1867, Luxembourg officially became an independent country, although King William III of the Netherlands remained its grand duke.
    • Whether forced or voluntary, Roman emperors, kings and queens, hereditary princes and grand dukes and, yes, even popes have abdicated.
    • In regions ruled by kings and grand dukes, it was mostly the accession of a new king some time towards the beginning of the 1740s - and about to get married - that stimulated the urge to build and decorate and bring in fashionable talent.
    • When Cosimo died in April 1574, Francis became the second grand duke of Tuscany.
    • In 1610 Cosmo II, grand duke of Tuscany, appointed him philosopher and mathematician at the Florentine court, thus relieving him of all academic routine and enabling him to devote himself entirely to his scientific investigations.
    • Ferdinand hated my being friends with my cousins and thought that were trying to secure a place by the future grand duke, which is what he wanted to do.