Translation of grand tour in Spanish:

grand tour

tour, n.


  • 1

    (sightseeing trip)
    tour masculine
  • 2

    viaje de recorrido por Europa masculine
    • He made the grand tour of Europe in 1853 and came home to Cincinnati to paint romantic Italianate landscapes.
    • At this time it was customary for the sons of the top people to make a grand tour of Europe as part of finishing their education.
    • His parents had prospered in the colony and were able to give their son a good education, which included a grand tour of Britain and Europe while he was still in his teens.
    • The upper-class tradition of the grand tour with travel seen as heightening knowledge and experience had a powerful effect on the organization of exploration and the way it was written up.
    • For eighteen months, as Sir Humphrey's personal assistant, he travelled with him on a grand tour of Europe.