Translation of grandiose in Spanish:


fatuo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɡrændiˈoʊs//ˈɡrandɪəʊs//ˈɡrændiˌoʊs/


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    (claim/notion/scheme) fatuo
    (notion/claim/scheme) presuntuoso
    (speech) altisonante
    (speech) grandilocuente
    • In the process, what was a simple shrine became a grandiose temple.
    • His successes are commemorated in a number of grandiose effigies, triumphal arches, vast frescoes and victory columns.
    • It is likely that the government had grandiose plans for that region.
    • It, like so many other grandiose schemes of the mid-1990s, has been cut down to size by the crisis.
    • Sheridan's initial misgivings about involvement with theatre soon gave way to grandiose ambition.
    • A few steps and a porch with classical columns lead to the outer storm doors which themselves in turn open on to an grandiose entrance vestibule.
    • As the claimant to China's political and cultural heritage, they have built in a grandiose classical style.
    • Bach came of age as a Lutheran composer at the height of the baroque period, a time of grandiose, richly ornamented architecture and music.
    • So much for grandiose plans to transform Europe into the world's most dynamic and competitive economy by 2010.
    • But those dreams continue, with grandiose plans for dams along the length of the river and its tributaries.
    • Now not all sequencing projects are carried out on such grandiose scales as the genome projects.
    • And he has grandiose plans for a multi-million pound visitor centre that would be the last word in UFOs and the paranormal.
    • We always tend to forget the simple fact that we can make no progress if a majority of us remain unaffected by our grandiose developmental efforts.
    • If nothing else, this current council has shown that it is incapable of spending public money wisely once it's swept up in a grandiose plan.
    • We are well aware of the grandiose plans that are conjured, supported and implemented by politicians on entering office.
    • Though the facade was listed and couldn't be altered, the inside had not been decorated in the grandiose style of some of its neighbours.
    • Don't be discouraged when your grandiose plans fail on the first attempt.
    • They built extravagant houses, opened grandiose museums and spent not just one, but several, fortunes on art.
    • Here, Lizzie pretends to be Isabella at an outrageously grandiose dress designer's studio.
    • Where better to locate a grandiose businessman with small-town pretensions, brazen ambition and borderline criminality?
    • Most grandiose of all was his plan to convert a small fishing village called Jerudong into a playground both for the royal family and tourists.
    • The latest in a long line of grandiose schemes that have promised to revitalise the city are taking the first steps towards becoming a reality this week.
    • On the one hand we are told about grandiose plans for city status, an arena, a redeveloped theatre complex, a new cultural quarter and links to the Tube.
    • Sure, the trick may have been done before, but never has it been done on such a grandiose scale.
    • He thought and wrote in grandiose terms, in a style that has now gone out of fashion, and that would be censored by our scientific journals!
    • Then there are these grandiose building projects because, they say, the Granville Street offices are no longer adequate.
    • He also announced grandiose plans of sending engineers, technicians and drivers to Japan for advanced training.
    • There is a continuous need to control urges to enter grandiose schemes and avoid ostentatious manners.
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    (large-scale, impressive)