Translation of grant in Spanish:


conceder, v.

Pronunciation: /ɡrænt//ɡrɑːnt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (desire/request/wish) conceder
      God grant him eternal peace Dios lo tenga en su gloria
      • ‘Bulgaria has already granted Germany's request,’ he said, adding no further requests are expected.
      • The memo does not indicate the nature of the search, whether Justice ever asked the court and - if so - whether the court granted the request.
      • His request was granted - but then overturned when legal chiefs in London intervened, ruling it was not a legitimate excuse.
      • When asked for permission to reproduce a work she granted the request and refused payment.
      • Her request was granted, although the hospital doesn't usually acquiesce to such appeals.
      • A circus could be part of this year's Stromness Shopping Week, after councillors agreed to grant permission to allow a visiting circus to set up on OIC land.
      • Now Defra has announced that the Government will keep the rural exceptions policy, allowing local councils to grant planning permission for affordable homes.
      • A spokesman says he must appear, that there's been no request or permission granted excusing his presence.
      • A month ago I would have gladly granted your request.
      • The grateful czar told the soldier that he would reward him by granting any request he made.
      • The Act seems to apply where the bank has agreed to grant the customer an overdraft but has not finalized details of the arrangement.
      • He's finally come to the conclusion that he's granting her last request.
      • It granted the officers' request for a warrant, but didn't specifically say that they could search occupants of the house other than the drug dealer.
      • I do hope the lady's request is granted, but we on this estate seem to be banging our heads against a brick wall as no-one is listening to us, or if they are, they are just ignoring us.
      • Naturally, I did not read between the lines of her letter, and did not detect the threatening undertone of what would happen if her request was not granted.
      • Near the end of the first semester, I requested and was granted permission to open a school store.
      • He eventually ruled he couldn't grant the request for an injunction because he would then be deciding the question of rights without hearing full evidence and argument.
      • Accordingly, whether to grant a relocation request is not a decision courts make lightly.
      • If you grant the request, put the arrangements in writing.
      • The judge granted his request to testify behind a screen.

    • 1.2

      (asylum/right/interview) conceder
      he was granted permission se le concedió permiso
      • It has been a sovereign entity and has enjoyed this situation for years under the rights granted by international law.
      • However, Article 10 does not in itself grant a right of asylum or a right for an alien to stay in a given country.
      • Even though they might appear to be enquiring into the validity or scope of an intellectual property right granted by a foreign sovereign.
      • Similarly, we would say, a common law lease grants a right of exclusive possession because that is what a common law lease does.
      • Thus in some countries, we have been able to craft the license to give the author the power to grant both copyrights and moral rights.
      • Thus, Massachusetts will now take the lead among states as the only one to grant the right of civil marriage to same-sex couples.
      • Now under Victorian law, there is a specific power granted by parliament to enable police to engage in criminal activity for drug investigations.
      • However, the preferred option is to grant a power of attorney.
      • What cannot be ignored is why property rights are granted - what social functions they serve.
      • The court ruled that international law does not grant the right of individuals to seek war damages from a state.
      • I conclude that, notwithstanding the use of the word private to describe the Order route, unrestricted public rights of way including vehicular rights were undoubtedly granted.
      • Property owners must also grant right of access to Revenue officials to an approved building to monitor compliance with the reasonable access requirements.
      • A by-law is a kind of municipal statute - it is municipal legislation within the powers granted by the provincial Legislature.
      • A patent grants the exclusive rights to sell a drug for 17 years.
      • I have already mentioned the power to grant bail.
      • If the Secretary of State decides to grant a right of retention he shall issue to the grantee a retention document.
      • Can powers granted by an enabling Act only be enlarged or modified by express words of authorisation?
      • Rather than grant rights of asylum, the report A New Vision for Refugees proposes a range of ‘protected areas’ near or in the refugees' country of origin, where they can be held.
      • So why, then, do we grant intellectual property rights?
      • The usual understanding of Reed is that it applies to require the State that grants immigration rights to unmarried partners of its own nationals to grant such rights to migrant workers too.

    • 1.3

      (land/pension) otorgar
      (pension/land) conceder

  • 2

    to grant (sb) that
    • I grant that the plan is a good one reconozco que es un buen plan
    • he has talent, I'll grant you that tiene talento, eso no te lo discuto
  • 3

    • 3.1(admittedly)

      granted, it's very expensive, but … de acuerdo, es muy caro, pero …
      • to take sth for granted dar algo por sentado / por descontado
      • don't take her support for granted no des por sentado / por descontado que te (/ nos etc. ) va a apoyar
      • he realized he'd taken her for granted se dio cuenta de que no había sabido valorarla

    • 3.2(admittedly, assuming)

      granted that it all goes according to plan … suponiendo que todo salga de acuerdo con lo previsto …
      • granted his cooperation, success seems assured si contamos con su colaboración, el éxito está asegurado


  • 1

    (to body, individual) subvención feminine
    (to body, individual) subsidio masculine Latin America
    (to student) beca feminine British
  • 2

    concesión feminine
    otorgamiento masculine