Translation of grant-maintained in Spanish:


Pronunciation ///ˌɡræntmeɪnˈteɪnd/


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    (in UK)
    (school) financiado por la administración central y con plena autonomía
    • It was later saved from closure after going grant-maintained.
    • There are now other types of schools at this level, including sixth-form colleges, grant-maintained, and city technology colleges.
    • The law determines it an offence to cause ‘a nuisance or disturbance on the premises of any local authority or grant-maintained school, and gives the police the power to remove persons committing such an offence’
    • Since then, it has become a grant-maintained school, a technology college, and has been praised.
    • ‘Heads will welcome greater autonomy, but it must be in collaboration with each other, in order to avoid the worst excesses of the grant-maintained era when schools were set against schools,’ he said.
    • But the former grant-maintained school is under LCC education authority control and has a shortfall of £16,000 for the next financial year.
    • It removed the polytechnics (now universities) and sixth-form colleges from local control and allowed secondary schools to opt out of local authority control and become grant-maintained schools funded by Whitehall.
    • I questioned whether it was the right signal for a future Prime Minister to be sending his kids to a grant-maintained school, and got a letter saying, ‘Don't talk about this.
    • The Shadow Education Secretary announced what amounted to a revival of the last government's grant-maintained policy.
    • They were called grant-maintained schools - schools that were free from LEA control and funded directly by Whitehall.
    • Mr Morris said: ‘Trust schools are not like grant-maintained schools.’
    • While grant-maintained, the school chooses its own firm of auditors, leaving the council with no statutory powers over finances.
    • A campaigner said the grant-maintained school's playing field area was designated in the Unitary Development Plan as Open Urban Greenspace.
    • The Primary School, which averages 60 pupils, has long been a supporter of going it alone’ it was one of the first primary schools to opt for grant-maintained status back in the early 90s.
    • She was behind the decision when the school became grant-maintained in 1993 because she thought it would be better for the children if the head and the governors had more control.
    • Once again, this provision does not apply in this case, as the preference expressed is for a private school and not for a ‘maintained, grant-maintained or grant-maintained special school.’
    • There were further pledges to fund 600,000 extra school places, give an extra £15 billion to schools, make every school grant-maintained, to stop closing special schools, and to give heads the final say in expelling pupils.
    • However, as long as the Party seeks to limit the choice to others, for example by the abolition of grant-maintained schools and opposition to grammar schools, the charges of hypocrisy will continue.
    • Half of all state secondaries will be autonomous (rather like grant-maintained schools under the Tories) by 2010.
    • The Shadow Education Secretary said he was ‘quite angry’ that the Prime Minister had ‘effectively wasted eight years’ in offering head - teachers the powers grant-maintained schools had enjoyed.