Translation of granular in Spanish:


granular, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɡranjʊlə//ˈɡrænjələr/


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    (texture/surface) granular
    • Each granular layer beneath the asphalt concrete surface should be carefully compacted by power driven equipment until the rear tires of a fully loaded dump truck do not sink at all into the surface.
    • The pavements comprised thick asphalt surface layers over unbound granular material.
    • White's hands were pressed against some loose, granular surface.
    • In some trials, a layer of non-woven geotextile material was laid over the snow before adding a final layer of granular material to form the rolling surface; the intent was to facilitate debris removal.
    • In the more densely populated areas, roads normally consist of dual carriageway granular pavements with asphalt surfaces.
    • Many watercolour papers have granular surfaces which help provide variations of light and half-light.
    • Sold by the roll, these products are made of layered neoprene rubber, often with a granular surface bonded to the top side.
    • The product which is very suitable for elderly people and children is a special floor covering made up of a fine surface texture with a non slip plastic granular coating.
    • In mucosal edema the surface has a granular appearance or appears to be ‘dry’ so that it does not glisten.
    • Intraoral squamous cell carcinoma may present with a similar tongue lesion, though it typically has a rough, granular surface.
    • He painted a bright red circle onto the granular surface of the sandpaper.
    • I read that Aspergillus have rough or granular surfaces like this picture.
    • Is it the sound of the dancer's shoe against a gritty surface or the granular irritation in the field of vision that Miro placed time and again as an affront to bourgeois sensibility?
    • Then he characterized the paper support as a granular surface of impenetrable dark green.
    • The spines have a granular surface, do not show growth lines, and were probably solid.
    • Unabashedly physical, the surfaces of his canvases luxuriate in a granular abundance of color.
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    (consisting of granules)
    (consistency) granular
    • In its pure form, calcium oxide occurs as white crystals, white or gray lumps, or a white granular powder.
    • Field observations of brittly deformed granular rock have shown that the extent and magnitude of fault-related damage zone strain is influenced by the distribution of fault slip.
    • Crystals to 3 cm are reported, although most cubanite occurs in isolated grains, granular masses, or thin lamellae in chalcopyrite.
    • If it is a powdery, granular material, it will be removed with the vacuum.
    • Because of the fragmentation of nuclei and the disruption of cellular membranes, coarse granular particles are formed.
    • Tillage helps to break down the compact structure of the soil, providing granular soil particles more favorable to root development and planting slit closure.
    • Activated charcoal filters are available in several forms: granular; powdered; powdered coated paper; and pressed charcoal block.
    • In the MI pictures of the targets on Uchben, for example, the scientists have found some intriguing granular, sand-size particles.
    • The granular particles in such products are designed to do the work for you.
    • In the dry state, granular soil particles can be easily separated and identified.
    • The settlements above and lateral to the tunnels in plastic clays of soft to medium consistency are relatively larger than in stiffer, more brittle cohesive granular soils.
    • Snowflakes comprise the familiar loose aggregates of ice crystals which often adopt a hexagonal and branched form; there are also snow and ice pellets, snow grains, granular snow, and ice prisms.
    • The researchers think this lessening of friction may occur among the grains in granular flows, such as snow cascading down a mountainside.
    • Its flesh is crisp and slightly granular, with a strong aroma and a sharp but agreeable flavour.
    • Soylife is the only soy product on the U.S. market that offers the complete nutritional profile of soy germ in three powder forms: granular, flour or extra fine flour.
    • That question puzzles physicists studying the collective motion of small particles - such as sand - because granular materials can act in ways similar to all three states of matter.
    • Activated charcoal filters used for home water treatment contain either granular activated charcoal or powdered block charcoal.
    • Alumina is a fine white granular powder, which is exported to aluminium smelters for processing into aluminium metal.
    • The ideal structure of topsoil is granular, crumb-size groupings of soil particles and plenty of pore spaces.
    • This in turn seems to encourage producers to use better-quality coffee beans so that the finished product gains a double aroma and flavour advantage over the powder and granular style.
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