Translation of graph in Spanish:


gráfico, n.

Pronunciation /ɡræf//ɡrɑːf//ɡraf/


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    gráfico masculine
    gráfica feminine
    to plot a graph of the function y=x² trazar la curva de la función y=x²
    • I've seen the pie charts and graphs so there's no arguing with their facts and findings.
    • The graph above shows the ‘survival curves’, which shows how long patients survived in each group.
    • I can download data on to my PC for an intensive analysis, complete with color-coded graphs and bar charts.
    • No amount of surveys, graphs and pie charts will ever make me understand why this occurs.
    • These personnel also undertook much of the preparation of the visual evidential aids such as isographs, histograms, graphs, bar charts, photographs, tables, as built programmes and overlays.
    • The tool should also be able to generate a report easily through graphs and diagrams of the data and their relationships.
    • And just last fortnight the country's leading economic newspaper produced a page full of pie charts and graphs devoted to tracking bumps and dips in consumer viewing.
    • In fact, all the real values are already in the graph along the x axis also called the real axis.
    • You can chart variables on a graph and look at speed, power (a calculated estimate), temperature and altitude.
    • It is easier to see what is happening if we plot the ratios on a graph.
    • Their eyes teeming with concentration searched the graphs and numbers on the screen intently as the information changed second by second.
    • However, the manually plotted graphs were time consuming and susceptible to drafting errors.
    • I think it's very useful to have simple pie charts and graphs telling a colour-coded story.
    • In general the text is slowed by frequent resort to lists of statistics that would be conveyed more effectively in a simple graph or diagram.
    • Indeed, an accompanying bar graph illustrated what many of us have suspected all along.
    • Error bars in the graphs reflect the standard deviation of 10 repeated runs.
    • Bar charts, bar graphs, pie charts, or other charts and graphs are one of the most common methods of displaying information of various kinds.
    • He notes that the pair provide graphs but no statistical analysis of their data.
    • The data may be visual, ie., images, charts, graphs, or diagrams or a written description.
    • The inset graph shows the initial rate of water loss from these samples.