Translation of graph paper in Spanish:

graph paper

papel milimetrado, n.


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    papel milimetrado masculine
    papel cuadriculado masculine Mexico
    • Calculate dimensions and convert them to graph paper.
    • ‘Yeah, I'm listening,’ she said irritably, scribbling something on her graph paper.
    • So she gently ripped out a sheet of graph paper from her drawing pad and started drawing again.
    • Dominoes can be played on paper by drawing a box around two squares of a piece of graph paper.
    • You gather the materials you will need - book, paper, pencil, graph paper, etc. - then listen to the teaching part of the lesson.
    • So I got up, pulled out my pad of graph paper, and wrote down the first paragraph.
    • She filled line after line of graph paper in a neat miniscule hand, never stopping.
    • Individual points were placed on a sheet of graph paper with a 2.54 cm area highlighted.
    • Ikea have an entire brochure devoted to kitchen design, and it's great fun getting hold of their graph paper and drawing a kitchen to scale in order to visualise what your design will really look like.
    • They printed graph paper, orders from the Students' Association and labels for pharmacies' bottles.
    • When the equation's value, y, is computed for various values of x, the resulting pairs of numbers represent coordinates that can be plotted on a sheet of graph paper.
    • Figures and diagrams were plotted by hand on graph paper and then farmed out to a graphic artist.
    • He had carefully drawn various diagrams and charts on oversize graph paper.
    • Imagine that a shape is drawn on a piece of graph paper with a very fine grid of squares.
    • Use graph paper, making each square equal a given dimension to get all the components to scale.
    • So she sat with graph paper and maps and found that by calculating the height and distance and allowing for the curvature of the earth she was able to translate the coastline to paper.
    • ‘All her patterns are on graph paper, so we just have to copy them out to size and cut the fabric accordingly,’ said Juliette.
    • In those days, there were no graphing calculators (or even pocket calculators), and all plotting was done by hand, point by point, on sheets of graph paper.
    • If the patient is shown graph paper the squares may look distorted and the lines wavy.
    • She sketched her plan on graph paper and submitted it along with her contest entry.