Translation of graphic in Spanish:


muy gráfico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɡræfɪk//ˈɡrafɪk/


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    (description/account) muy gráfico
    (description/account) vívido
    in graphic detail con todo lujo de detalles
    • The article described in graphic detail the events of the previous night.
    • The last moments of a teenager's life have been described in graphic detail to a murder trial jury.
    • But here is a quote from one such e-mail by a Pakistani journalist covering the region that describes in graphic detail the choices people face.
    • It painfully details the poignant and graphic account of one man's experience of MRSA.
    • A warning to those listening with small children - the following story contains graphic details of violence.
    • Five years later, he stopped taking drugs after an Esquire magazine cover story described his habit in graphic detail.
    • A woman has described in graphic detail how she saw her friend being raped.
    • They described in graphic detail their playground games - modern-day versions of our own ‘kissing games’.
    • They try and describe in graphic detail what goes on when an animal is killed.
    • Sharon gave me a long, detailed, highly graphic description of her sexual encounter with Tony in which she played the dominant.
    • Newspapers also report, in lurid and graphic detail, cases of abuse that these women experience.
    • The rumors have been flying for years, but the ‘Times’ collected a striking amount of graphic detail.
    • This book is definitely for older teens, as it is explicit and graphic in its description of various types of abuse.
    • Each of these chapters in his life is described in graphic detail, which may not be for the faint-hearted.
    • In graphic detail, she describes the devastation that would follow, leaving up to 200,000 people dead.
    • He recalled his life of crime in graphic detail.
    • I was quite taken aback by the graphic details describing the author's sex life.
    • The extract was a very graphic, detailed description of a particularly violent rape, as told in past tense by the victim.
    • But it is a remarkably detailed and vivid account, full of telling and graphic detail.
    • His book is a colourful and graphic account of a career that ended in 1945 when he was injured in an accident in the hold of his ship and was subsequently declared unfit for sea duties.
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    graphic artist artista gráfica feminine
    • the graphic arts las artes gráficas
    • graphic designer diseñadora gráfica
    • The artist's other graphic techniques are much less obvious.
    • Three limpid watercolors reveal their development through a few washes applied to a pencil or ink line drawing, providing more graphic than chromatic complexity.
    • The carefully studied hands reveal the graphic origin of his designing, confirmed from the few drawings that have survived.
    • A big part of my understanding is through drawings or graphic illustrations.
    • Her recent acrylic abstractions are boldly graphic with radiant colors in dynamic geometric compositions.
    • Here are drawings, graphic works, watercolors, and oil paintings.
    • A graphic and sculptural sensibility provides a stable platform for the artist to explore his chosen subject with line, form and material.
    • Her drawings are characterised by haunting graphic symbols embedded in smoothly-flowing designs.
    • Perky pastel colors top the graphic, symbolizing the rich, while the poor are on the bottom, represented by earth tones.
    • I've been told my work has an Asian feel, perhaps because of the graphic style and brushwork.
    • Some of Picasso's graphic works are combinations of several techniques.
    • There are wonderful drawings demonstrating how the variety of graphic style which Rubens commanded surpassed that of arty high renaissance artist.
    • Both these examples show the persistence of a graphic style that is neither modernist nor Art Deco, but clearly widespread and enduring.
    • In contrast, her graphic wood engravings reflect the turmoil of the war years.
    • She suggests that the work's graphic depiction of pain was the focus of an empathetic identification.
    • Apart from paintings he produced a good deal of graphic work, including numerous book illustrations in lithograph and woodcut.
    • A set of finished art work will be available in graphic form.
    • Copyright law does extend protection to useful objects if the object contains pictorial, graphic or sculptural features.
    • The children's drawings became graphic representations of their thinking.
    • Like maps, Lombardi's drawings use a graphic shorthand that viewers need to learn in order to navigate the material.
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    • 3.1(in writing, notation)

      (symbol/device) gráfico
      • It has the advantage over grouped frequency distribution of retaining the actual data while showing them in graphic form.
      • The plot option generates the frequency distribution in graphic form (histogram, box, and normal probability plots), and the normal option generates statistics to test the normality of the distribution.
      • On a typical chart, the price of an instrument is notated (on the y-axis) against time (on the x-axis) in graphic form.
      • This report includes a graphic analysis with the patient's results plotted against normal values so that the examiner can quickly see how a patient compares.
      • Mean zero noise is associated with underestimation of distribution volumes when data are analyzed with graphic analysis.

    • 3.2(on a graph)

      (representation) gráfico
      in graphic form gráficamente


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    gráfico masculine