Translation of grass roots in Spanish:

grass roots

de las bases, n.

plural noun

  • 1

    (ordinary members)
    (opinion/support) (before noun) de las bases
    the grass roots las bases
    • at grass roots level a nivel de las bases
    • The never married 36 year old's strong fight for the traditional definition of marriage could play well among a lot of the grass roots members.
    • However, the figures suggest that those grass roots party members who chose to vote did so against the trade union line.
    • The leadership needs to hear first-hand what grass-roots members are thinking.
    • Of the grass-roots membership of the party, a clear majority appears to be on the left.
    • A spokesman said any decision would have to be made by the grass roots members of both unions.
    • Which leaves it up to the grass roots party members to try and keep the campaign honest.
    • A report on discussions with grass-roots members in September 1968 revealed the extent of the problem.
    • It is a long process, but one that allows the grass-roots members of the Association to fully participate in its legislative agenda.
    • Bernadette had to wade through the murky waters of bureaucracy as well as reach out to the local NGO community, and grass-roots citizens.
    • The idea of the rule change was to give greater input to ordinary grass-roots Conservative party members.
    • I mean, the people on those bodies are democratically elected and the grass roots membership of the party chooses who goes on those various bodies.
    • A true strategy would take into account many more issues and would be developed with the involvement of grass-roots membership.
    • The Democrats wrote new rules designed to give control to grass-roots party members.
    • Each of the main parties contains a fair range of opinion among its MPs and grass roots members and it is discussion of these differing views that leads to the formulation of policy.
    • The executive, the state management and also the grass roots members that we've had contact with, support her.
    • The meeting felt that the grass roots of the party should have a say in the election of party leader and the decision on a long-term leader should not be rushed into.
  • 2

    raíz feminine
    crime should be combated at the grass roots la delincuencia debería atacarse de raíz
    • Political action at the grass-roots level also took off.
    • If we succeed, we will have succeeded in making our law available much more widely to the public and those who advise them at grass-roots level.
    • I think we're very efficient at the grass-roots level.
    • They do this while reading it religiously and, I'll warrant, using it as a way of keeping tabs on how various stories are playing, especially at the grass-roots level.
    • Rugby union's done a lot of that, particularly at grass-roots level.
    • ‘If there is ever going to be peace, it has to start at the grass-roots level, not with governments,’ she said.
    • Local government officers have made unsung efforts to start ‘community cohesion’ initiatives at grass-roots level.
    • As one of Scotland's few indigenous games, we should be cheered by its enduring popularity, and its belated efforts to encourage more participation at grass-roots level.
    • It is a situation that is increasingly worrying to doctors at the grass-roots level.
    • First, at the grass-roots level, political correctness fails to teach children that sportsmanship and self-development are the lasting lessons of competition.
    • The period bred fear of widespread unrest, sparked by rivalry among political powers wielding support at the grass-roots level.
    • Promoting psychology in the community means psychologists must be involved members of the community, active and visible at the grass-roots level.
    • The Prime Minister said he wanted to create a partnership between Whitehall and individuals and organisations at the grass-roots level.
    • Activity in the U.K. and Australia is at the grass-roots level, although some promising movements toward greater public and professional awareness have begun.
    • Basic legislative knowledge, while intimidating at times, is paramount to our success at the grass-roots level.
    • You would not believe the dedication for this company that exists at grass-roots level, and though we are the little people - we ALL make a crucial difference.
    • There are two other senior sides, one under-18 team, and 10 junior teams that deliver competitive football at grass-roots level.
    • The effects of the changes which have taken place in higher education have undoubtedly been felt at grass-roots level, in law schools just as much as elsewhere in the academy.
    • Even with the stress now on community participation and need-based programmes at the grass-roots level, conditions have not improved much.
    • At the grass-roots level, for every shopkeeper boarded up there will be a pub or hamburger stall doing a roaring trade.