Translation of grateful in Spanish:


agradecido, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɡreɪtfəl//ˈɡreɪtfʊl//ˈɡreɪtf(ə)l/


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    (glance/smile) de gratitud
    (glance/smile) de agradecimiento
    (glance/smile) agradecido
    to be grateful (to sb) (for sth/-ing)
    • I'm very grateful to you for your advice le estoy muy agradecido por sus consejos
    • I'd be so grateful if you could do it te quedaría tan agradecida si lo hicieras
    • just be grateful for what you've got! ¡da gracias (a Dios) por lo que tienes!
    • I should be grateful if you would send me … le agradecería (que) me enviara …
    • Every year a large number of people come out and help and we are grateful for your support.
    • The committee would be grateful for your help in hosting a table or being a guest on the night.
    • We are grateful for the support we have received from family, friends and the local community.
    • There are too many of you to email back personally, but I am very, very grateful.
    • Equally I am grateful for the support he has received from many of your readers.
    • When they reached their destination they gave their chocolate eggs to grateful parents.
    • Leaving the island at the end of the week, I was grateful for the chance to visit such a beautiful place.
    • The tokens may be dropped in to the school and we would be grateful of your support.
    • If you have one hour free a week we would be grateful for your help with Community Games.
    • He was not disappointed and said he was grateful for the support of his family and staff.
    • To be offered a treat such as freshly baked shortbread is sure to raise a grateful smile.
    • So if anyone has got any tips as to how I can calm my nerves before or during the flight I'd be very grateful.
    • I guess we all knew this was coming, and I am grateful that it seems to be so well managed and controlled.
    • If anyone can tell me how to change the font for headings, I would be grateful.
    • He is deeply grateful to all who sent him best wishes and were so kind and generous.
    • I know some of you have made heroic efforts to get here, and we are very grateful and appreciative of that.
    • Justice has been done and we are all so grateful to the police officers down there in Devon who have worked so hard.
    • From time to time I put out a plea for help in this column and was so grateful for the responses.
    • The committee are very grateful to all who helped in the field and with the teas and in the shop.
    • She is also very appreciative of what you do for her and is grateful for my interest.