There are 2 main translations of grave in Spanish

: grave1grave2


tumba, n.


  • 1

    tumba feminine
    sepultura feminine
    as quiet / silent as the grave como una tumba
    • inside, the place was like a grave dentro había un silencio sepulcral
    • to dig one's own grave cavarse su (/ mi etc. ) propia tumba
    • to turn in one's grave
    • your father must be turning in his grave si tu padre levantara la cabeza …
    • Beads have been excavated in large numbers from early period female Viking graves.
    • Family members gather and visit the graves of their ancestors to burn offerings of paper money and incense.
    • Tommy was laid to rest in the family grave in the adjoining cemetery.
    • The unadorned stones had marked the graves of unidentified Confederate soldiers.
    • Most of the missing are believed to be buried in mass graves, and several mass grave sites have already been found and exhumed.
    • He died apparently in poverty and was buried in a pauper's grave.
    • The unmarked mass graves have been watched and revered by them for decades.
    • Sasha looked down at her sister's fresh grave.
    • I have seen the graves of the Indian soldiers in the military cemeteries of France.
    • There was a telephone number to ring if one had graves in the churchyard.
    • The relatives of all those buried in the graveyards had decorated their graves for the occasion.
    • Burial is in local cemeteries, and family graves are well tended.
    • I found my mother's grave had been knocked over and saw others had been vandalised too.
    • They would put cash gifts towards updating the stone at the grave where Evelyn was buried with her husband and daughter.
    • Mass graves were dug on the outskirts of the city for thousands of the bodies.
    • The body was buried in an unmarked grave in the town cemetery.
    • With the other executed rebels, his body was put into a mass grave with no coffin.
    • If you ever visit Canada take a day to visit the graves of our beloved ancestors.
    • Visiting a war grave is something everyone should endeavour to do at one point in life.
    • Marking graves with stones was one of the characteristics that continued through centuries and religions.
    • She's even said she attributes her survival in a recent air crash (her plane plowed into a snowbank) to her mother's protective influence from beyond the grave.
    • Good luck - every year, 130,000 balls find a watery grave there.
    • Meanwhile, mom's heart may not be beating, but she's still with them, naggingly offering irritating guilt trips from beyond the grave.
    • He had no hope beyond the grave; he mocked at death; he was in his seventy-seventh year.
    • People are unable to face death, they say, only belief in life beyond the grave will console them.
    • In the Seetalsee across the border in Austria a further £500m in ingots is said to repose in a watery grave.
    • They say they can talk to the dead, prove there is life after death and deliver messages to the grieving from beyond the grave.
    • Death will no longer be the last word: two Dublin businessmen are planning to allow people to communicate from beyond the grave, not through mediums but by e-mail.
    • Even the author's most sympathetic reviewers have expressed the opinion that this sexual encounter from beyond the grave is an unsuccessful instance of overreaching.
    • There's something compelling, even mythic, about a boy reaching out from beyond the grave to save the children of his family's sworn enemy.
    • Like sheep they are destined for the grave, and death will feed on them.
    • Even a minute crack on the submarine's surface can lead to a watery grave.
    • All the secular knowledge in the world will not give a man joy and gladness, when he thinks on sickness, and death, and the grave.
    • But the woman whose picture on the cover of a newspaper could boost circulation by 20,000 copies can still work magic from beyond the grave.
    • Their victims now speak from beyond the grave to judge them.
    • We are saving it from this rather watery grave and lifting it bodily, flying it down river on a floating crane, and putting it on to a pontoon, which will become a restoration platform.
    • Anguished voices have a way of echoing beyond the grave.
    • It is often at the graveside that people's ears and hearts strain to hear a word that carries beyond death and the grave.
    • They have made a covenant with Death and the grave.
    • But the messages are hideously banal, more likely to comment on the new kitchen cabinets than impart any profound wisdom from beyond the grave.
    • Somehow, you feel that even now, 17 years later, he's still exerting his influence from beyond the grave…
    • The site also includes a fascinating discussion of Harry Houdini's pact with his wife Bess to attempt to communicate from beyond the grave.
    • The plot is a typical fireside ghost story - murder, infidelity and a message from beyond the grave - and the thrills are familiar.
    • Was there any truth in the stories we had been told, did the Souls really come back from beyond the grave on that evening?
    • Apparently not; the painstakingly hand-tended wooden form of my Jordan 193 now lies in a watery grave in the river at a former factory site.
  • 2literary

    that's a secret she'll take to the grave ese es un secreto que se llevará a la tumba
    • a voice from beyond the grave una voz de ultratumba
    • Waterloo was the grave of Bonapartist hopes en Waterloo quedaron enterradas las esperanzas bonapartistas

There are 2 main translations of grave in Spanish

: grave1grave2


grave, adj.

Pronunciation: /ɡreɪv//ɡreɪv/


  • 1

    • 1.1(serious, momentous)

      (consequences/danger/error) grave
      of the gravest importance de la mayor gravedad
      • you do me a grave injustice estás cometiendo una grave injusticia conmigo
      • Besides the shooting, a series of accidents and other incidents in the armed forces have raised grave concern among the people over the suspected slackening of discipline.
      • He expressed grave concern at the prospect of illegal dumping taking place due to the increased charges and urged the waste collectors involved to reduce their proposed charges.
      • But his findings and suggestions were challenged by a number of councillors who stated that there was grave concern amongst the public over the proposal.
      • Furthermore, the conviction of a registered medical practitioner for offences of violence is a matter of grave concern.
      • The people standing in the gaps between the carriages are also in grave danger.
      • The situation there is especially grave because of the endangered status of the tigers.
      • The events are designed to bring together members of the two communities in public, but meeting face-to-face in secret is out of the question without putting personal safety in grave danger.
      • There is a grave danger that critical patient care like cancer treatment will lose out as money is diverted to meet this commitment.
      • My point is that our civilization stands in peril of the same grave danger.
      • But if the practice is in fact going on, a child may be in grave danger and yet will remain unprotected because of the difficulty of satisfying this test.
      • There are, however, grave dangers here as well.
      • Privately a number of union leaders have expressed grave doubts about that operation.
      • There are grave dangers in extending such subsidies, as the absurdity at present under discussion of providing hourly salary levels for visual artists suggests.
      • But everybody knows the situation is very grave and that not enough aid is arriving.
      • The growing drug abuse among street children in the city gives grave cause for concern, as almost all the children use one or other type of addictive substances, he points out.
      • Health unions have expressed grave concerns about present workers being held on inadequate pay.
      • As we have seen, those structures can distance and muffle even the pleas of parents who are concerned about grave danger to their children.
      • Referring to the situation in the state the statement expressed grave concern over the continuing violence by the insurgents.
      • Opposition politicians and veterans campaigners voiced grave concerns about the British vaccination programme.
      • Our denial and our politicians' stupidity have put us all in grave danger.

    • 1.2(solemn)

      (expression/manner/voice) grave
      he's rather grave es una persona más bien seria
      • And their teacher: he's a tall, very urbane and rather natty man, with a grave manner.
      • The grave looks on her parents' faces sobered her.
      • The grave expression it held seem to not fit the youthful appear of his posture.
      • Colin dismissed the grave thoughts of his family and parked the car in the driveway.
      • He collapsed in a manner that, were it not for the grave circumstances, would have been called by many, hilarious.
      • Riley turned solemn with a grave look in her eyes.
      • She started walking down the small hallway towards the kitchen and her parents looked at her in a grave manner.
      • All wore grave expressions, and the children appeared close to tears.
      • Of course, that did not happen, even though the state subsequently acknowledged that a grave injustice had been done in that case.
      • ‘I was just trying to shake up this grave seriousness,’ he laughs.
      • His brown eyes held a grave seriousness to them.
      • ‘You need to tell me more about yourself, mister,’ I said, feigning grave seriousness.
      • As one grave observation led to another, though, a disturbing disconnect emerged.
      • A grave look appeared on the twelve year old's face which she shook away.
      • Her screeching noises reduced to solemn and grave whines, and eventually to nothing.
      • ‘You know,’ his grave voice broke into my thoughts, ‘You aren't very good at spying.’
      • So they hem and haw and appear ever so grave and thoughtful.
      • In grave tones and with a sombre face, the receptionist said ‘You've been upgraded to a suite.’
      • But the grave tone of his voice and the seriousness in those pitch black eyes told him this was no joke.
      • I follow and offer refreshment, which is once more declined, though this time the Italian's manner is not offhand, but solicitous and somewhat grave.

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    Linguistics grave
    a grave accent un acento grave