Translation of gravelly in Spanish:


de grava, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɡrævəli//ˈɡrav(ə)li/


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    (beach) de grava
    (soil) pedregoso
    a gravelly voice una voz bronca / áspera
    • The 4 km of beachfront in the park varies from rocky, gravelly, to sandy.
    • Much of this carpet of herbs is on shallow gravelly and stony soils, too poor for buffel, or under mulga trees.
    • Most of his soils are a gravelly sandy loam known as Aura, well drained and with 15% clay.
    • They require a sandy or gravelly substrate for nesting near a wet or muddy area where they can forage.
    • The soil is light and gravelly, and chiefly under tillage: agriculture is improving, and there is a considerable quantity of bog and limestone.
    • In Washington, they favor degraded or otherwise gravelly soils.
    • Texture of the fine-earth fraction is silt loam or loam with gravelly or very gravelly modifiers.
    • While organic matter or topsoil could be used alone, a sandy or gravelly soil is improved more if you add both organic matter and topsoil than if you add either material alone.
    • The region's distinctive gravelly soils lend themselves to some of New Zealand's top reds, particularly Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and - the new star, Syrah.
    • It was difficult to find: the road shown was not a road but a track, unused, winding behind a cottage with the requisite dog watching curiously as we drove up a gravelly slope.
    • The Avilla series consists of very deep, well drained, moderately permeable soils that formed in gravelly and loamy alluvium.
    • Fairly well drained, rocky or gravelly soil is the Laurel's natural preference.
    • A rowboat was beached on the gravelly shore and abandoned there.
    • Non-cohesive soils include silty, sandy, and gravelly soils in which there is no cohesion except that derived from any minor amount of clay matrix or from water tension between particles.
    • This cactus typically grows in gravelly clay or loam soils, partially shaded by other plants or rocks.
    • The bed has limited sun and our soil is light and gravelly.
    • During our dry season visits, sandy and gravelly beaches lined most of the river, although water levels rose above the beaches during heavy rains.
    • It's a mixture of soils from the site, some more gravelly, some more clay-like.
    • If the pond is located in sandy or gravelly soils or near fractured bedrock, seal the pond with an approved plastic liner or at least 6 inches of compact clay.
    • A low cliff on one bank, with an otter's holt at its foot, betrayed by a crab graveyard, on our side a gravelly shore undercutting the peat moor.