Translation of graveyard in Spanish:


cementerio, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡreɪvˌjɑrd//ˈɡreɪvjɑːd/


  • 1

    (burial ground)
    cementerio masculine
    panteón masculine Mexico
    an automobile/elephants' graveyard un cementerio de automóviles/elefantes
    • to go to the graveyard pasar a mejor vida
    • Burial in the ground was the most common method; there are ancient graveyards found on all the major islands.
    • The church is situated in the old graveyard and across the road from the present cemetery.
    • He decided to brave the city streets and walked over to the church graveyard.
    • People attending are advised to use the field next to the graveyard for parking.
    • A campaign has been launched to restore a historic graveyard to its former glory.
    • He was buried beside my mother in the graveyard beside the church in the little town near our ranch.
    • Everyday she visited the graveyard and stood for hours before the grave of her daughter.
    • So the old parish churches, with their graveyards, are a precious heritage.
    • Nearby there is an old graveyard and it would appear that a church may have existed.
    • Easter is celebrated in the church and by visiting the graveyards of kin.
    • The graveyard was used from the beginning, as poor people who went to the workhouse couldn't afford to be buried in the church graveyards.
    • She cycled on, through the winding streets of the village to the graveyard beside the old stone church.
    • Churches and graveyards suffered desecration and in some places destruction under subsequent regimes.
    • He was buried with full military honours in the graveyard of his local church.
    • The main path in the graveyard across the road from the church will be replaced this week.
    • This church was located at the back of the old graveyard and had direct access to the priests house.
    • The relatives of all those buried in the graveyards had decorated their graves for the occasion.
    • After a final prayer, the coffin was lifted and transported to the church graveyard.
    • He was shaking as he watched the men carry the box into the graveyard behind the church.
    • Can I remind both children and parents that graveyards and cemeteries are not playgrounds.
  • 2

    (place of failure)
    Hollywood was the graveyard of his hopes en Hollywood quedaron enterradas sus esperanzas