Translation of gravy in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈɡreɪvi//ˈɡreɪvi/


  • 1

    salsa hecha con el jugo de la carne asada
    • All sauces and gravies should contain either marmite or ketchup.
    • Moisten foods with sauces or gravies to make them easier to swallow.
    • Oats or oat flour can be used as a thickener for soups, gravies, sauces, stews, or puddings.
    • These come in gravies that enhance their flavour instead of hiding it.
    • Beef Bourguignon is slow cooked organic free-range beef in a rich red wine gravy served with mashed potato and English green cabbage.
    • I prefer the traditional tomato sauce over the mushroom gravy, which was rich and cloying.
    • Sharp ingredients, such as verjuice, vinegar, and lemon, were frequently called for in sauces and gravies for mutton during the 17th century.
    • All the produce is sourced locally and rather than using heavy gravies, the restaurant uses low-fat infused oils and vegetable purée.
    • The rest of the carcass can be used to make some game stock for gravy or soup, or freeze the carcass to use later.
    • Pour off fat and make gravy with meat residue, adding half a pint of cider and two tablespoons of honey.
    • It's also great in gravies, stuffings, herb butters and flavored vinegars, and is often used in conjunction with parsley, sage and rosemary.
    • The secret to the fantastic taste of each course lies, perhaps, in the exclusive home-made sauces or gravies.
    • One of the pleasures of chips, he says, is dipping them into things; chips are excellent carriers of sauces and gravies.
    • Stir minced kale into soups, stews, rice, gravies, or sauces.
    • Use plain, unsweetened soymilk in soups, sauces, gravies, casseroles and quickbreads.
    • They used cornmeal as a batter to fry fish and made cornstarch to thicken gravies.
    • Wholemeal breads, pizza bases, custard, gravy and sauces are all now made from scratch with fresh ingredients.
    • The pan drippings gave gravies and soups a deliciously rich background of flavor.
    • They had fresh fruit, potatoes, and foul served with thick, nutty gravy for dinner.
    • A dash of ginger powder is often added to soups and gravies to make them tastier.
  • 2US slang

    (extra gain)
    ganga feminine informal
    chollo masculine Spain informal
    • Ringtones to the music industry mean gravy - certainly another revenue stream from which they can joyfully tap.
    • The federal money for the bridges was real gravy.
    • The money is gravy that can be used to enhance policy in other ways.
    • Companies have long looked at their overseas revenues as gravy and, as such, have largely overlooked the Web sites managed by their overseas Web teams.
    • Selling the warranties, even for as little as $5 each, is pure gravy for the corporations that pocket our money.