Translation of greasy in Spanish:


grasiento, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɡriːzi//ˈɡrisi//ˈɡrizi//ˈɡriːsi/

adjectivegreasiest, greasier

  • 1

    • 1.1(soiled)

      (hands) grasiento
      (overalls) cubierto de grasa
      (overalls) lleno de grasa
      • The dry cleaning solvent dissolves oils and greasy soil.
      • His fingers immediately became greasy, forcing his face to pale.
      • He pushed three greasy, black-nailed fingers up the sleeve of his overall and indifferently scratched his arm.
      • When it looked like we had nearly finished, another load of dirty dishes and greasy frying pans were dumped in the water.
      • Glazed cabinets retain the airiness of open shelving, without the hassle of dusty, greasy dishes lingering on an open shelf.
      • It is because they think it is dirty, greasy and smelly.
      • There had been mould and flaking paint on the walls, doors were dirty and ceilings greasy.
      • The partridge was great, though - well worth getting my fingers greasy.
      • I watched his back retreat before rubbing my eyes wearily and fingering the greasy money in my hand.
      • I handed my money to the cab driver, trying to avoid the touch of his greasy fingers.
      • On the day of our visit meat, vegetables, dirty dishes and greasy pots and pans littered the small counter, sink and floor.
      • I push on the diner's front doors, my fingers touching greasy glass.
      • Turning the mat over we are presented with more of a glossy finish, which is quite susceptible to finger prints and greasy marks.
      • It is weathered from multiple readings, with pages smudged from my greasy fingers.
      • I glanced down at my greasy clothing covered in paint.
      • The raider combed through his beard with greasy fingers, contemplating the small quiet village that lay in the glen where he hid his band of mercenaries.
      • The thought of her greasy finger prints destroying the delicate paint over hundreds of years drove me mad.
      • Candy was found scattered all over dirty, greasy counters.
      • Do you want greasy blue smudges coming through your new Andy Warhol print?
      • Lanolin from greasy wool stains timber floors and walls and the smell of manure from beneath the shed becomes stifling.

    • 1.2(containing grease)

      (food) graso
      (food) grasiento derogatory
      • Try eating frequent, small meals, and avoid greasy foods.
      • There was beer, there was music and there was undercooked greasy food at extortionate prices.
      • Shopping centres, cinemas, high streets, motorways, schools - it seems that no matter where you go, greasy food and stale buns are increasingly on the menu.
      • His greasy ingratiation irked the Watchkeeper and he clenched his hands to hide the claws that slipped from his fingertips.
      • The types of foods participants wished to decrease included salt, coffee, soda, junk food, fried or greasy foods, and red meat.
      • So we headed out to Coney Island, ate some cheap, greasy beach food, and wandered around to watch the breakdancers and karaoke singers.
      • All that was around her was Michael Milano, his oily, slimy, greasy demeanor was overpowering her.
      • Let those who want to pay for better health care do so, instead of being forced to wait in line behind those who smoke too much, eat too much greasy food and live sedentary lives.
      • Who else would stand by that greasy man?
      • The fish and chip corner shop has disappeared, but its demise may not be due to the tandoori craze, but rather to an aversion to greasy food in a health-conscious society.
      • Even after eating the greasy food, his hands were soft.
      • I searched all over for that greasy man, and didn't see him anywhere.
      • ‘And all because of that greasy little man,’ Ann thought.
      • So David cooked up a wonderfully greasy breakfast, eggs, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, fried bread, our first fry-up for months!
      • Chocolate and greasy foods are often blamed, but research has shown that foods seem to have little effect on the development and course of acne in most people.
      • Forget eating greasy or raw food during this season.
      • Acne is not caused by greasy foods or poor hygiene.
      • Next up was the crab omelette, beautifully cooked, not greasy or oily in any way, and plenty of crab inside.
      • Nobody can stop you eating greasy foods everyday.
      • Anyway, we had fun there, then we went home and gorged ourselves on greasy food.
      • Later, we spent a lot of time lazing around in an island in the middle of a huge lake, ate some horribly cooked and greasy Chinese food and made our way back to the quaint town.
      • She also does not abstain from eating greasy foods such as pork and hamburgers.
      • Avoid spicy, greasy or fatty foods, chocolate, caffeine, and other foods that can cause heartburn.
      • The food was uniformly greasy and salty but otherwise tasteless.
      • Our modern tastes for fatty, greasy, salty foods are learned.

    • 1.3(secreting grease)

      (skin/hair) graso
      (hair/skin) grasoso Latin America
      • His very appearance was a doorway into his soul; oily skin, greasy hair, and even his silks were in tatters.
      • At school the next day, everyone asked why my hair was greasy.
      • The first thing you said is that you have greasy hair.
      • He was too goofy looking; tall, with thick, greasy dark hair, black rimmed glasses and he dressed like a lumberjack.
      • Facial and trunk seborrhea is characterized by powdery or greasy scale in skin folds and along hair margins.
      • He was 5ft 8in and thin, with greasy, untidy black hair, wearing tinted glasses and had a scruffy appearance.
      • His hair was greasy, although he didn't have an obvious body odor.
      • Your hair is greasy and your skin is layered with dirt.
      • However, this doesn't mean it's particularly bad for greasy skin.
      • He's a skinny, nervous looking man with greasy black hair and bruises on his face.
      • He was a gangly man with pale skin and long, greasy black hair.
      • They were short, about half the height of an average human, and walked hunched over with scaly skin and strands of greasy wispy hair.
      • First of all, Dan did not have bad skin and greasy hair.
      • Grant had to admit he did look slightly suspicious, with his pale skin and greasy, slicked-back black hair.
      • His tan skin was glistening with sweat and his jet-black hair was greasy.
      • He was still handsome, but he had patches of greasy skin on his face, and parts of his hair had been dyed blue.
      • She is wearing her greasy hair in a pinned-up ponytail.
      • His hair was greasy and stringy, and his skin had developed brown callouses.
      • My hair was crackly and greasy, my skin dry, and face sunken.
      • He had curly and greasy shoulder-length brown hair.

  • 2informal

    (smile/person) adulador