Translation of greedy in Spanish:


glotón, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɡridi//ˈɡriːdi/

adjectivegreedier, greediest

  • 1

    (for food, drink)
    (animal/person) glotón
    (person/animal) angurriento Southern Cone
    you greedy pig! ¡mira que eres glotón!
    • The youngest of the elves is very greedy.
    • My Cat is really greedy and ate a dish of hot curry I had left on the counter.
    • Living and moving as part of a much larger flock, starlings can also be notoriously greedy birds which is a reason why they are often not as popular with bird lovers over other species as they tend to swoop for food as a flock and leave next to nothing for other birds.
    • "I'm never going to be a greedy pig again Sam, I promise."
    • The blackcurrant bush is alive with the wings and chirps of greedy blackbirds gorging themselves.
    • I know these creatures are noisy, greedy, messy and will take the ice cream cone right out of your hand but I still love them.
    • Franklin had a great time - laughing his head off at all the greedy birds arguing over his cheerios.
    • "She is a very greedy dog and will eat anything given the chance."
    • The dog is very greedy and is eating all of his food!
    • This should theoretically keep the squirrel from being able to climb the pole, although especially greedy squirrels have been known to get past them.
    • Doctors know that the vast majority of fat people are the way they are because of their sustained greedy eating habits.
    • Squirrels, badgers, dormice, and larger animals such as deer are greedy for it.
    • "I made two bowls, because I know you guys are so greedy."
    • It's partly the result, he says, of our endless greedy appetite for the good things of life.
    • Dennis groped his greedy hands over the box of food that Adrian had kept so securely beside him.
  • 2

    (for power, wealth)
    to be greedy for sth tener ansias / estar ávido de algo
    • greedy speculators especuladores rapaces
    • Some of the companies are still being run as greedy, petty fiefdoms.
    • She was greedy for power, and didn't let morals get in the way of her pursuit of it.
    • In fact our rulers are greedy for even more to go into their pockets at our expense.
    • The trick is probably not to be too greedy.
    • He said, as a nation people had become so greedy that they had lost their love of the environment and failed to protect it.
    • You have to accept that human beings are essentially greedy, and motivated by the pursuit of wealth.
    • Players are becoming greedy for money and attention and they don't seem to care about forming a great team.
    • Invest in what you know or understand and don't be too greedy.
    • When he goes home he visits schools and orphanages; hardly the actions of a greedy and selfish man.
    • It is being greedy because it is taking the wealth off the people who created it.
    • Property developers are greedy and want to build as many houses as they can and make a lot of money without thinking of the consequences.
    • The present system is teaching our children to be greedy for personal glory.
    • The other view, of course, is of the angry worker, portrayed as greedy and selfish during strikes.
    • Anthony had been the one who was greedy for his family's wealth wanting to use it for his own ends.
    • Thus, banks became greedy, taking on huge risks in hopes of even bigger rewards.
    • It shows moreover that most ordinary people are not innately selfish and greedy.
    • Therefore many greedy landlords do not do repairs, unless forced to.
    • They are sometimes pugilistic, invariably dominant, and often greedy for power.
    • It isn't hard to look around and see examples of greedy people, people who love money.
    • People calling us greedy have no idea what has been involved - we work very hard for our living.