Translation of green in Spanish:


verde, adj.

Pronunciation /ɡrin//ɡriːn/

adjectivegreenest, greener

  • 1

    (salad/eyes/car/paint/coat) verde
    Paris is a very green city París es una ciudad muy verde
    • green spaces zonas verdes
  • 2

    • 2.1(unripe)

      (banana/tomato) verde

    • 2.2(not cured or dried)

      (timber) verde
      green bacon bacon sin ahumar masculine Spain

  • 3

    • 3.1informal (inexperienced)

      verde informal
      he's still green, but he'll learn todavía está verde pero ya aprenderá informal

    • 3.2informal (naive)


  • 4

    (politics/revolution) verde
    (politics/revolution) ecologista
    the Green Party los verdes
    • the green vote el voto verde


  • 1

    verde masculine
    the lights were at green el semáforo estaba (en) verde
    • there are large areas of green in the city en la ciudad hay amplias zonas verdes
    • He looked out the back windows and saw only the uniform green of grass and bushes.
    • However, the buildings today, newly painted in green and gold, are exact replicas of the original structures.
    • The colour green is supposed to be the most relaxing on the eye and nerves.
    • The colour of the dress matched the green of her eyes, and it complemented the ring that her grandfather had made for her.
    • He projected his own violent moods on to the canvas in red and green.
    • Route 2 buses branded in green will operate on a loop connecting Victoria, Oxford Road and Deansgate rail stations.
    • The huge flowers were out, with white, pink and orange petals set against the green of the foliage and the blue of the lagoon.
    • The plaintiff gave evidence that he is, and has always been, colour blind, and is unable to distinguish between red and green.
    • Beneath the jacket he wore a shirt and tie that matched the green of the jacket and pants perfectly.
    • Relatively large, the leaves are a dull light green with a paler underside during growing season.
    • Her eyes were a light green, which gave her an exotic look with her lightly tanned skin.
    • In the spring the still surface mirrored the pale green of new buds.
    • Those with this condition cannot distinguish certain shades of red and green.
    • The festive colors of red and green, as well as the customary exchange of gifts, likewise have Pagan origins.
    • He must have seen them, since their clothes didn't match the green of the grasslands.
    • In the sunlight, the steel surface comes alive with reflections, picking up the green of the surrounding grass.
    • This year, though, expect to see red mixed with colours other than traditional green.
    • Strawberries should be uniformly red with no green at the tips or at the stem.
    • There and in other fields, a yellow corn leaf appeared in sharp contrast to the deeper green of the rest of the plants.
    • Her eyes, normally a light green by nature, glimmered turquoise in the light.
  • 2

    • 2.1(in village, town)

      prado comunal masculine
      • I am told the garden of my house used to be part of the village green.
      • Angry mums and dads say the council is a killjoy for putting up signs forbidding ball games on a green between Overbrook and Bevisland.
      • The arts and crafts exhibition was held in the village hall, while refreshments were served in a marquee on the village green.
      • High Ellington is a pleasant little village with a green.
      • A large Christmas tree with large bulbous fairy lights had been placed on the village green.

    • 2.2putting green

      green masculine

  • 3greens plural

    (de hoja verde) verdura feminine
    eat your greens cómete la verdura
    • First, there's salad of mixed greens, tomatoes, cabbage, carrot and cauliflower in a creamy but pungent dressing.
    • Mix the potatoes and chopped greens together with plenty of salt and pepper.
    • Apparently one in five of our supposedly health obsessed, eco friendly and vegetarian teenagers eat no greens at all.
    • Fill up one side of the plate with leafy greens and nonstarchy vegetables.
    • Most of the herbs and salad greens are grown in the hotel garden, and there is always at least one vegetarian option available.
  • 4Green

    verde feminine
    ecologista feminine