Translation of greenstick fracture in Spanish:

greenstick fracture

fractura de tallo verde, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡriːnstɪk fraktʃə//ˌɡrinstɪk ˈfræk(t)ʃər/


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    fractura de tallo verde feminine
    • Improper manipulation during the reduction of a greenstick fracture can cause decreased rotation.
    • Of these, greenstick fractures are the most frequent and are usually asymptomatic.
    • For example, never dismiss a greenstick fracture as a simple fracture - inspect the x ray for tiny shards of bone.
    • Young bone, subjected to bending stress, often fractures on one side but bends on the other, and is known as a greenstick fracture.
    • I'm surprised that a greenstick fracture in a child this age was not immediately reported to the authorities.