Translation of grid in Spanish:


rejilla, n.

Pronunciation: /ɡrɪd//ɡrɪd/


  • 1

    (grating over opening)
    rejilla feminine
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    • 2.1Geography
      (on map)

      cuadriculado masculine
      • Essential tools include a bird identification field guide, a map of the airfield with a superimposed grid system for locating birds, and a pair of binoculars.
      • These maps and grids will enable planning for operations in the subsequent field season.
      • I don't call in grid coordinates of my whereabouts any more.
      • He made another important contribution in using a grid to locate positions of places on the Earth.
      • The grid of longitude and latitude looks the same from either the ‘top’ or the ‘bottom’ of the world.
      • If photography could fix images onto a precisely calibrated grid, it could become a useful tool for mapping, the primary activity of the survey.
      • For example, on geographers' globes of the Earth we use a grid of latitude and longitude lines to label positions on the Earth's surface uniquely.

    • 2.2(pattern)

      cuadrícula feminine
      • From its neat grid of streets which parallel the long waterfront, a more chaotic jumble of lanes wriggle up the hillside.
      • Maramba was laid on a rectangular grid of streets and lanes, formerly 15 blocks in all, covering an area of less than one square kilometre.
      • Beyond the close, cleared about 1800, is a bustling city, still occupying the grid of streets laid out by the bishop's planners almost 800 years ago.
      • Liverpool embarked in the 1830s on a programme of squares and terraces in sober brickwork within a grid of wide streets, modelled on Dublin.
      • From there, a grid of cobbled streets march off into the middle distance.
      • Then draw a grid of larger squares on a piece of blank paper.
      • First, a single square in the grid is chosen to serve as the focal point.
      • A digital image can be regarded as a square grid of points, or pixels, with each point having a particular shade of gray.
      • Each page had a grid with 60 numbered squares on it.
      • With the chalk line, mark a grid of roughly 30-inch squares on the concrete.
      • Mondrian's style of painting involved the use of strictly horizontal or vertical black lines to create a grid of rectangles, some of which were filled in with black or white, or vivid red, blue or yellow.
      • Mathematically speaking, a cross-stitch pattern is simply a rectangular grid where some of the squares in the grid are filled with colors.
      • So we improvised, drawing a grid of squares and quickly writing one letter in each square.
      • Yet, despite the city's size and bewildering cultural mix, getting around it proves remarkably easy, with the grid of streets easily navigated by foot or subway and tram.
      • When it comes to layout, you can affix photos on the wall in a grid, spaced only a few inches apart from one another, or you can center a bigger piece in the middle of your wall.
      • Your characters can only move so many spaces on the grid each turn.
      • Other than the fact that word squares and Sudoku puzzles are both arranged in square grids, they really don't have much in common.
      • A series of 126x68 mm grids were placed over the transparencies.
      • The results are then tabulated in a series of checklists or grids to indicate possible or probable health effects.

  • 3British

    (in UK, network)
    red feminine
    the national grid la red de suministro de electricidad nacional
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    electrodo masculine
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    • 5.1

      parrilla de salida feminine

    • 5.2