Translation of grief in Spanish:


dolor, n.

Pronunciation /ɡrif//ɡriːf/


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    dolor masculine
    profunda pena feminine
    • Neither Chris nor Mom would want us to let our grief consume our lives.
    • A devastated couple have told the Advertiser of their grief following the death of their baby son.
    • The chaotic circumstances of burial often compounded a family's grief.
    • She was well known and respected in the area and her death has caused much grief and sorrow.
    • He nurses the old man lovingly and is filled with grief at his death.
    • Mr Lewis had owned a second-hand shop in Victoria Road, but in his grief after Terry's death he turned to drink.
    • But the loving bonds we share with pets are real, and so are the feelings of loss and grief when they die.
    • Grief over a traumatic death does not follow an accepted timeline.
    • Women and their partners may experience intense grief as they mourn their loss.
    • They express grief at the death of Jesus and perhaps also at the death of the hopes that they had had in him.
    • More difficult to handle than the immediate grief is the permanence of loss that sets in later.
    • If you have lost someone or have been struggling with grief check out the fact sheets below.
    • Her death caused intense grief in the parish.
    • Wearing dark glasses, she had to be helped into a car as she was overcome by grief.
    • Sarah wrote her book on coping with grief after the death of her daughter.
    • It is important to seek professional help when you feel overwhelmed by your grief or memories.
    • People's grief, and other reactions to emotional trauma, are as individual as a fingerprint.
    • Support from others can be a reminder that grief is a universal experience and that you are not alone.
    • The untimely death of Mr Woodhouse caused her immense grief and distress.
    • Words could not describe the grief felt by the small but united community of Nurney.
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    good grief! ¡Jesús!