Translation of grievance in Spanish:


motivo de queja, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡrivəns//ˈɡriːv(ə)ns/


  • 1

    (ground for complaint)
    motivo de queja masculine
    he seemed to have a grievance against his father parecía estar resentido con su padre por algo
    • to air one's grievances quejarse
    • Mazibuko promised the unions that the City would look into the workers' grievances.
    • A discontented student body frequently boycotted classes over various grievances, such as discriminatory practices in medicine.
    • Briony Norris, an environmental health officer at the pollution control unit, said around 50 per cent of people who lodged complaints had a genuine grievance.
    • Beware of perceived grievances that have everything to do with pride, envy, and honor and nothing to do with reality.
    • Grievances against universities are preferably resolved within the grievance procedure which universities have today.
    • We could set up a public forum to discuss these issues and allow grievances to be aired.
    • But the main grievance - excessive bank charges - remains.
    • Students who took part in the protest over the poor educational facilities at this campus, aired their grievances with the Waterford News & Star.
    • No, this is a genuine grievance that has existed, as we have seen from the applications to the Commission, for twenty years or more.
    • But airing those grievances publicly might actually encourage more attacks and make their lives harder.
    • Even if the estate management felt it had a genuine grievance, minor encroachments on estate land are common and generally ignored.
    • ‘There's no doubt rural communities had some genuine grievances,’ he added.
    • A NEW police surgery to allow residents to air their grievances about crime has been launched in Horsforth.
    • They have a long list of grievances, whether they're real or not, or imagined.
    • When publicans turned up to air their grievances before a committee in Leinster House on April 26, they could hardly have wished for a more sympathetic audience.
    • Earlier this month, he was given the perfect opportunity to air his grievances in public when he appeared before magistrates in Guildford, charged with the same offence.
    • The government was also aware that workers had genuine grievances.
    • Many urban people have the view that farmers are constantly complaining but they do seem to have a genuine grievance about their plight at present.
    • Such movements aimed primarily to address specific grievances.
    • The rebels' failure to win sympathy from fellow officers is reassuring, but their grievances are real.
  • 2

    to be filled with a sense of grievance sentirse víctima de una injusticia
  • 3

    (in the workplace)
    queja formal feminine
    before noun grievance procedure procedimiento conciliatorio masculine
    • On the other hand, if police are involved or a license is revoked, the teacher will probably file a grievance with his union.
    • Prior to making these public allegations, no student actually filed a sexual harassment grievance against him.
    • He was reprimanded for telling a judge in open court he would testify against a former client because he had filed a grievance against him.
    • The players' association filed a grievance yesterday seeking to overturn the Anaheim Angels' suspension of left fielder Jose Guillen.
    • Upon receipt of this letter, several of the affected faculty members filed grievances with an appropriate faculty committee.
    • If the company were to dismiss you simply because you asked for a proper job description or submitted a grievance about your treatment, it would certainly be acting unlawfully.
    • After Benner filed a grievance through the St. Paul Police Federation, he was reinstated.
    • Mr. Yousry states that he did not at that time understand himself to have been suspended, and thus he did not approach his union concerning his status, nor did he file any grievance about it.
    • The carrier claimed that even the pilots union agreed there was no merit to LaGrotte's grievance.
    • Meanwhile, the number of union grievances declined by 90 % over six months.
    • Prisoners must file a formal grievance to appeal a medical decision, since healthcare is intertwined with strictly correctional functions.
    • Likewise, there are clear problems with the confidentiality of the current grievance processes.
    • His seniority revoked and his union grievance rejected, he then decided to try the courts.
    • If a client feels he or she has been treated unfairly, there is the option of filing a grievance.
    • After years of what he considered to be unfair treatment, Natelson filed a grievance with the University.
    • The faculty association has filed a formal grievance with the University alleging the university broke its contract with faculty.
    • The Teamsters announced they would file grievances on behalf of the fired attendants who come from Local 2000.
    • Under Regulation 15, part-time as well as full-time faculty members may seek redress from an elected faculty grievance committee.
    • Engle says that when she filed a grievance, DWP managers denied her overtime pay, hassled her about the dress code and intimidated her by hovering around her workstation.
    • Of course she has now filed a grievance against me and we have a meeting with HR later this afternoon.